CNN News Video: Political Cartoon Industry May Be Dead As Far As Full-Time Income Opportunities; Features Matt Bors

The following CNN news video is about the state of the political cartoon industry. It features Matt Bors, who does not see a rosy picture for the future of political cartooning. This video was added to the CNN website on July 17, 2013.

Bors says political cartooning is fine from a creativity perspective. But he expects it to diminish in the same way that other types of journalism are on the decline.

30 years ago, there were about 280 staff cartoonists. Today, there are less than 100.

Actually, Bors said that he is a freelancer, and this may be the way the industry is going instead of full-time staff jobs.

Jake Tapper then did a cartoon-off with Matt Bors. They drew pictures of presidents without looking at anything as a reference.

CNN Video Featuring Poltical Cartoonist, Matt Bors, And Focusing On The Dim Future Of This Industry

CNN Politics News Video: Mayor Bob Filner, Of San Diego, California, Apologizes After Complaints Of Sexual Harassment

The following CNN politics news video contains a statement from Mayor Bob Filner, who is the current mayor of San Diego, California. He is currently under fire for alleged sexual harassment from several women. This video was added to the CNN website on July 12, 2013. It aired on the Early Start TV show.

Mayor Filner pretty much comes right out and admits he has exhibited inappropriate behavior, including intimidating women. Some have called for his resignation. Rather than resigning, though, Filner says he is committed to change and must change his behavior to effectively lead the city of San Diego.

There has been no public mention of the women making these claims. So no names of alleged victims were provided. But it’s clear that Filner is admitting to some kind of wrongdoing, without discussing specific legal issues.

I don’t know if Filner really deserves another chance or not. We just don’t know enough about the substance of the allegations to know how egregious the activity was.

CNN Video Showing San Diege Mayor Bob Filner’s Apology For Inappropriate Behavior, After Claims Of Sexual Harassment Made By Women

Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Video For July 11, 2013 Skit – Kimmel Kartoon – “You’re Screwed”

The following video is from Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube account. This segment is a skit that contains a “Kimmel Kartoon” (misspelled on purpose). The cartoon is called “You’re Screwed.” This skit aired on the July 11, 2013 episode.

Jimmy talked about seeing Schoolhouse Rock when he was a kid. On that cartoon show, they had a segment which explained how the U.S. government passes a bill into a law.

The show created a cartoon to modernize the old Schoolhouse Rock government segment. Before that, Jimmy explained that this may be the most do-nothing Congress in history. They have passed only 16 laws, but two of them were originally a single law, meaning they have really only passed 15. And one of them was a law to put a baseball player on a commemorative coin.

The cartoon is then shown, where a dad sings a song to his kid. He sings about the kid being screwed because Congress is doing nothing on global warming, the economy, etc. The kid then joins in and starts singing, as well. Click the link below to listen to this funny song, which sadly appears to be true in some cases.

YouTube Ratings And Statistics:

About an hour after this video was uploaded, it showed 301+ views and had a good user rating of 122 Likes and 3 Dislikes.

Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Video For The Kimmel Cartoon, “You’re Screwed,” From July 11, 2013

CNN News Video: Piers Morgan Interviews 4 New Hosts Of Crossfire: Newt Gingrich, S.E. Cupp, Stephanie Cutter, And Van Jones

The following CNN news video is about the return of the Crossfire TV show to CNN. This time, the program has 4 new hosts. Piers Morgan has an interview with all 4 of them in the video linked to below. This clip was added to the CNN website on June 26, 2013.

The two new conservatives on Crossfire are Newt Gingrich and S.E. Cupp. The two liberals are Stephanie Cutter and Van Jones.

Anyway, Piers asks Newt Gingrich about the Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage. He moans and cries that 8 million people in California voted for Prop 8, and the Supreme Court, in part, nullified that by saying no one had standing in the case to defend Prop 8. He is right that the Supreme Court did not decide the merits of the Prop 8 case.

Note: The Supreme Court did decide the merits of the DOMA case, saying that the federal government cannot discriminate against those who enter into a same-sex marriage that is legal under state law.

Van Jones said courts can’t just uphold voting on propositions. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have any civil rights. And he made kind of a lame argument about people like Kim Kardashian and other heterosexuals destroying the sanctity of marriage.

S.E. Cupp is conservative but supports gay marriage in general. She does not support the Prop 8 decision but does support the DOMA decision because it upholds states’ rights.

Stephanie Cutter agrees on the DOMA and Prop 8 decisions. She says Prop 8 shows that our system of government has checks and balances. And the Court struck the balance to find equality for people in California.

The rest of this interview was about the abortion legislation in the state of Texas.

CNN Video – Piers Morgan – Interview With 4 New Hosts Of Crossfire: Van Jones, Stephanie Cutter, Newt Gingrich, And S.E. Cupp

CNN Weather News Video: Climatologist Richard Alley Interviewed About President Obama’s Climate Change Plan

The CNN weather news video contains an interview with climatologist Richard Alley. He is interviewed and gives some analysis and commentary on Obama’s new climate-change plans. This video was added to the CNN website on June 25, 2013. It aired on the Amanpour TV show.

This is a summary of some of Alley’s main points. The segment is about 8 minutes long.

Richard Alley says the energy system is huge. It amounts for 10 percent of the economy and is more than $1 trillion per year in the United States alone. He says economists say that you don’t change something like that fast. You take small steps.

My Comment: Right from the start, this seems an odd thing for a scientist to say. The comments above are a political statement, not a scientific statement. So I am already skeptical of this guy’s motives. Why is a natural scientist couching his comments in political instead of scientific terms?

Nonetheless, Alley says Obama’s initiatives, such as reducing carbon from existing factories, is a good starting point. But then he says you have to do it with a “gentle hand.” My gosh, who is this guy? He is talking like a politician again, not a scientist.

And this is one of the guys on a team that won a Nobel Peace Prize? Well, Obama won it, too, for doing absolutely nothing. So we know the standards that organization has fallen to.

CNN Video With Interview Of Climatologist Richard Alley, About President Obama’s New Initiatives For Climate Change

CNN News Video: Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Muhammad Yunus, Wants To Bring Cheap Bangladesh Health Care System to United States

The following CNN news video is about an idea to make the U.S. health care system affordable. This is something that Obamacare quite clearly neglected. And no honest person can dispute that. This clip aired on the Erin Burnett Out Front TV show. It was added to the CNN website on June 20, 2013.

The person who came up with this idea is no random person off of the street. He is Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Yunus says that Bangladesh has managed to provide basic health care to all citizens for $3 per year. In his New York Cíty project, that converts to $10 per week, which is about $520 per year.

Bangladesh is already providing basic health services to all of its citizens. The doctors and other staff supplement this amount with additional services, such as insurance and diagnostics services.

Think about that. Freaking Bangladesh has managed to provide basic health care to its people. Yet the US, the supposed leader of the free world, can’t do it? I guess “free” means if you are poor to middle class in America, you are free from basic, affordable health care. If you are rich, I suppose it doesn’t matter. But how many people are actually cash rich in America? That is a small percentage. Everyone else needs to demand a better system.

That is not to say that this Bangladesh idea is a cure-all. I believe it is not, as more advanced procedures that go beyond basic health care still need to be supported. But as one idea to at least provide the basics, it sounds like it has potential. The biggest point here is Yunus is working on the concept of making health care AFFORDABLE. Obamacare not only failed to fix that. Many think it is about to drive up costs through the roof.

Click here to see the CNN video with Muhammad Yunus, who talks about implementing the Bangladesh health care system in the United States.

CNN News Video: Interview With Nathaniel Richardson, Husband Of Ricin-Letters Suspect, Shannon Richardson

The following CNN crime news video contains an interview with Nathaniel Richardson. He is the husband of Shannon Richardson, a woman who has been arrested for allegedly mailing ricin-laced letters to Obama, Bloomberg, and a guy who works as a lobbyist in favor of gun control. This video was added to the CNN website on June 13, 2013.

Note: This summary contains only portions of the interview with Nate Richardson. Use the link at the end of this article to see the interview in its entirety.

Wife Shannon reportedly first reportedly accused Nathaniel of sending the ricin-laced letters. Then, he said he didn’t do it. So she must have done it. Shannon then apparently confessed that she sent the letters but told the FBI that Nathaniel told her to send them. Ultimately, the FBI decided that they believe Shannon acted alone. She is the one charged with sending the letters.

Nathaniel was shocked at what occurred. He is not “angry” because he thinks that is an emotion that drains you. he has filed for divorce, though.

Nathaniel says he and Shannon didn’t even discuss politics. They talked about the kids and their schedules and stuff like that.

Nathaniel says Shannon Richardson seemingly wanted to take him down with her. But he had nothing to do with the letters and is an innocent man.

Nate said Shannon was not a particularly angry person. They had some disagreements but typically compromised.

Nate said he has nothing to do with Shannon Richardson. He is focusing on himself and getting his life back. They had been married two years.

Shannon has 5 kids and is pregnant with Nate’s kid. 4 of the kids lived with them at their home in New Boston, Texas.

Click here to see the CNN video containing an interview with Nathaniel Richardson, the husband of actress and ricin suspect, Shannon Richardson.

NBC Today Show Video: Interview With Lindsay Mills, Girlfriend of NSA Leaker, Edward Snowden (June 12, 2013)

The following Today show video deals with both crime and politics. There are differences of opinion on NSA leaker Edward Snowden. Some say he bravely exposed government violations of the 4th Amendment. Others call him a traitor and criminal.

Snowden has (or maybe had) a girlfriend named Lindsay Mills, who is an acrobatic dancer. She has been interviewed, and you can hear about her thoughts on this NSA leaker case in the video below. This clip aired on the June 12, 2013 episode of Today.

On a blog, Mills had called Snowden her man of mystery. However, she has said that she had no idea that he was going to leak classified intelligence to the public. In her last post before closing the blog, Lindsay Mills says her world has closed, and that she feels lost at sea without a compass.

Carol Leonnig, who is with the Washington Post, says that both Snowden and Mills were teenagers in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Lindsay’s father has met Snowden. He said he thought he was nice, shy, and reserved.

Mills has said the Snowden told her he had to go away for a while but kept his words vague. It is now known that he was going to Hong Kong to publicize information about the secret NSA surveillance program.

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CNN News Video: Piers Morgan Interviews Jesse Ventura About Whether He Will Run For President In 2016 And IRS Scandal

The following CNN politics news video is from Piers Morgan’s TV show. Piers is interviewing Jesse Ventura. He asks Ventura about a possible run for president in the 2016 election. This video was added to the CNN website on June 3, 2013.

Jesse does not say whether he will run for president. But he said running in 2016 as an independent would be the time to do it because there is no incumbent. He said if he does run, he will have no political party. Ventura says there has been no president since George Washington who did not belong to a political party.

Piers asks Jesse about the IRS scandal. Before answering that, Ventura says that he would abolish the income tax and institute a national sales tax. Ventura doesn’t like the targeting of political groups. He said he got audited twice when he was the mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. And the IRS even ended up owing him money one of those times. He claims he was “targeted.”

CNN Dog News Video: Lou Wegner, Founder Of “Kids Against Animal Cruelty,” Speaks Out Against Animal Gas Chambers

The following CNN news video is about the use of gas chambers to euthanize dogs and other animals. This is a controversial practice that has been banned in a number of states. Lou Wegner is the founder of a charity called “Kids Against Animal Cruelty.” He is interviewed in this video about his opposition to the gas chamber for euthanizing animals. The clip was added to the CNN website on June 2, 2013.

Lou Wegner is still only 15 years old. In addition to being an actor, he is also an animal activist. Wegner was featured on the show, The Young Icons.

Wegner and a KAAC member, Emily Capehart, managed to save two dogs from the gas chamber. He is interviewed about that accomplishment in this video. Lou brought along a chihuahua dog named Drako.

Wegner has the goal of getting the animal gas chamber banned in every state. There about two dozen that have banned it so far. He says it is a painful, scary, and terrible way to die.

Wegner’s charity recommends that you spay or neuter your dog or other pet. He says this is the key to avoid animal overpopulation.

Click here to watch the CNN video containing an interview with “Kids Against Animal Cruelty” creator Lou Wegner, and his views on the gas chamber.