CNN Weather News Video: Boulder, Colorado: Mark Changaris Plays Tears For Fears’ “Mad During” While Home Is Flooded

The following CNN weather news video is about Mark Changaris. He was one of the recent flood victims in Boulder County, Colorado. This video was added to the CNN website on September 20, 2013.

Changaris did something a little odd. While his home was being flooded, he sat down at the piano and played the Tears For Fears song, “Mad World.”

In an interview, Mark said “Mad World” is a beautiful song. He said it is sad and uplifting and melancholic at the same time. And that is sort of how he was feeling at the time he sat down and played the tune at his piano. You can see water and mud on the floor of his house and substantial flood damage by playing the clip below.

Changaris said responses he has gotten range from sadness for the losses caused by the Boulder flood to joy at seeing his ability to find something beautiful while enduring this mess.

Changaris has never been classically trained in piano. He just likes playing and has done it for 10 or 15 years.

He is fortunate compared to many flood victims. His home appears to be relatively intact, while others lost everything.

CNN Weather Video About Mark Changaris Playing Tears For Fears’s “Mad World” In His Flooded House

CNN Weather News Video: Boulder County, Colorado – Interview: Darian Shaw And Dogs Evacuated Floods By Zip-lining Over Water

The following CNN weather news video is about the recent severe flooding in the Boulder County, Colorado area. It contains an interview with flood victim Darian Shaw. Reporter Kyung Lah conducted the interview. This video was added to the CNN website on September 17, 2013.

Darian Shaw talked about evacuating from the floods. The sheriff handed down a mandatory evacuation. To evacuate from her house, the rescuers had Shaw and her dogs zip-line to safety.

A rescue basket was used to move flood victims to safety. And someone had a dog carrier that fit onto the rescue basket. You can see some photos of this zip-line rescue effort by playing the video below.

Shaw claims she would have stayed behind if the rescuer said she couldn’t take her dog.

CNN Weather Video About Darian Shaw And Dogs Being Rescued By Zipline From Rushing Floodwaters In Boulder County, Colorado

CNN Weather News Video: Lyons, Boulder County, Colorado: Eric Ashley And Martine Limoge And Mom Interviewed About Hiking To Escape Flood

The following CNN weather news video is about a family that had to hike from their house to get away from severe Boulder County, Colorado floodwaters. Their home is near Lyons. This clip was added to the CNN website on September 13, 2013. It aired on the Anderson Cooper TV show.

The father, Eric Ashley, talked about the fact that the bridge to the main road was covered in water. So they were forced to hike to safety. They simply couldn’t drive away to avoid these floodwaters. He said they saw a rattlesnake and a dead elk along the way. There were no trails where they were hiking. So the group, which included 4 adults and 3 children all together, were really roughing it. And they had 2 dogs with them, as well. He also described it as “bushwhacking” and “epic.”

Martine Limoge was one of the children. Anderson asked her if it was scary. She said it wasn’t really scary. She was just anxious to get to their destination. But the rivers were a little hairy. For some reason, the dad was laughing when she said this.

The mom thought it was exhausting and scary.

Eric Ashley also talked about the Duggans. They are neighbors who also took the hiking trek with Eric and family to escape from the flood.

Watch the video to see the rest of this interview.

CNN Video – Anderson Cooper – Family Hikes to Escape Boulder County, Colorado Flood – Features Eric Ashley And Martine Limoge

CNN Weather News Video: Boulder, Colorado: Interview With Katie Farmer, Whose Parents Are Trapped In Colorado Flood In Their House; At Least 4 Victims Killed

The following CNN weather news video is about the devastating floods in Colorado, on or about September 12 and 13, 2013. This clip features an interview with Katie Farmer. She is talking about her parents, who are two of the victims trapped in a house by the floodwaters. The video for this story aired on Anderson Cooper 360. It was added to the CNN website on September 13, 2013.

Farmer said her parents were at her dad’s house at the time of this interview. That particular house is on high ground, but they are trapped there due to the flooding.

At the time of this story, it was confirmed that at least 4 were killed in this storm. Dozens are still unaccounted for but are not necessarily dead.

Farmer’s mom’s house was destroyed by the flood. The mom is at the dad’s house at the moment. But they have different homes because they are divorced.

For some reason, she has not been able to talk to her mom. But she heard from someone else who saw the mother’s house floating down the creek after it was torn loose from its foundation.

There is some talk of Katie’s parents getting airlifted to safety. But she was not sure of the details.

CNN Video With Interview Of Katie Farmer, Whose Parents Got Trapped In Their House In a Colorado Flood

CNN Weather News Video: Denver, Colorado: Merle Cordova Saves Stephanie Liddick And Her Daughter From Flood During Hail Storm

The following CNN weather news video is about a flood and hail storm that occurred in Denver, Colorado, on September 10, 2013. A woman and her daughter got stuck in the flood in their car. Because the vehicle was taking on water, they were forced to get on the roof. Luckily, a man came along and used his pickup truck to rescue these two victims. This video is from KDVR. It was added to the CNN website on September 12, 2013.

The woman who was saved along with her daughter is Stephanie Liddick. The man who saved them is Merle Cordova. They are both interviewed briefly for this story.

Cordova said the water led down to a lake. So he took action when he realized the victims were in serious danger. He also risked danger to save them, as water was threatening to flood out his own pickup in the process of saving the mom and daughter.

In her interview, Stephanie Liddick explained how not everyone would help like Cordova did. In fact, he was the only one who did help.

After taking them to safety, Cordova even returned to tow Liddick’s car.

CNN Weather Video – Denver, Colorado – Merle Cordova Rescues Stephanie Liddick And Daughter From Hail Storm And Flood

NBC Today Show And YouTube Viral Weather Video: Croatia – Storm Chaser Boris Basic’s “Pijavica” Waterspout Footage (August 30, 2013)

The following Today show weather video shows excellent footage of a waterspout in Croatia. The footage was provided by a storm chaser, Boris Basic. Boris uploaded the clip to YouTube on August 28, 2013. Since that time (about 48 hours), it has close to 6000 views. But that is likely to go up dramatically since this clip is now going viral. Today showed this Croatia waterspout on its August 30, 2013 episode.

A waterspout is basically a twister over water. It looks like the funnel that is made when you quickly stir a pitcher of water. But the spout is above the water instead of below it.

Word has it that this Croatian waterspout did not hit land, where a waterspout becomes a tornado and can do serious damage.

Click here to see Boris Basic’s original viral YouTube video, titled “Pijavica,” of this waterspout in Croatia.

Click here to see the Today story about this storm chaser’s waterspout footage.

NBC Today Show Weather Video: Fast-Moving Fog Wave Envelops Mountain In Larkspur, Newfoundland, Canada (August 22, 2013)

The following Today show weather video shows a crazy-looking, spooky fog in Larkspur, Newfoundland, Canada. It shows a phenomenon that looks more like a movie than real life. This video aired on the August 22, 2013 episode of Today.

The fog in this video can be seen enveloping a mountainside in Larkspur. That sounds normal. But what seemed so unusual about this fog is how fast it was moving. You can partially gauge how rapidly the fog was covering the hillside because there is a car driving along in front of the fog cloud. That cloud is moving fast behind the car.

To be clear, though, I’m not sure if this is an optical illusion or not. It’s still an impressive video, as the fog has a spooky look to it that makes it look like a wave coming at the camera. But was the fog really moving that fast? It’s not really possible to tell how fast just from this video and no on-the-ground measurements and analysis. But again, it still looks cool.

Today Weather Video Showing Fog Envelop A Hillside In Larkspur, Newfoundland, Canada (August 22, 2013)

CNN Weather News: Kawasaki, Japan: Atsuhiro Johnokuchi Captures Viral Video Of Lightning Hitting Train, Causing Huge Sparks

The following CNN weather news video comes out of Kawasaki, Japan. It is a viral lightning clip captured by Atsuhiro Johnokuchi. The video was added to the CNN website on August 14, 2013. But the storm during which this footage was captured was on August 12, 2013.

The man who captured this clip appears to just be sitting in a house or apartment, filming footage of a thunderstorm. A moving train is visible in the frame. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning comes down and lays a direct hit on the train. Fire and sparks are visible at the point of impact. The train then stops, perhaps due to a mechanical issue or something else. Why it stopped is not clear from the video.

In this case, you would not normally expect injuries because the people inside the train are protected from the outside.

CNN And Atsuhiro Johnokuchi Viral Weather Video – Lightning Hits Moving Train In Kawasaki City, Japan

Colorado Springs, Colorado Weather Accident News Video: Teen Rose Hammes Killed In Floodwaters Of West Fork Sand Creek

In the recent round of flooding that, along with fire, has plagued the Colorado Springs area lately, it has been discovered that a second victim was killed. Previously missing teen, Rose Hammes, has been found dead.

ABC has a video on this story. You can click the link below to watch it.


Rose was walking outside somewhere when a flash flood hit El Paso County. She was later found in the flooded West Fork Sand Creek.


Hammes disappeared during a storm on Monday, August 12, 2013.


Some reports say teen Rose Hammes was 16. Other reports say she was 17.


The belief is that Rose took cover under a bridge. The creek then started rising and apparently swept her away. She drowned during the process.


ABC Video On Flood Death Of Teen Rose Hammes, In Colorado Springs, Colorado

CNN Weather News Video: Nashville, Tennessee: Interview With Parents Rebecca And Jeremiah Marlin, About Baby Lauren Marlin Being Saved From Flood

The following CNN weather news video comes out of Nashville, Tennessee. There was major flooding there on or around Friday, August 9, 2013. A video was shot of two men rescuing a small baby. You could see them carrying her crib in waist-high floodwaters. The baby is 5-week-old Lauren Marlin. This clip is from Anderson Cooper’s TV show.

The baby’s mom is Rebecca Marlin, and the father is Jeremiah Marlin. They are both interviewed for this story. Brother Jeremiah is also there.

The whole Marlin family went to the attic to avoid the quickly rising floodwaters. The video of baby Lauren being saved was after the firefighters came and started rescuing the family from the attic. The video of the baby, by itself, is confusing. It makes you wonder if the baby somehow got left behind. That is not what happened. The parents took both kids to the attic. And Jeremiah’s mom and dad were also rescued from the attic. The firefighters were rescuing each victim one by one. That is how the video of baby Lauren being rescued came about. The real story is not nearly as dramatic as the video clip. But of course, this was still a successful rescue. It could have been a lot worse.

CNN Video With Interview Of Parents Of Lauren Marlin, The Baby Rescued From Floodwaters In Nashville, Tennessee