Crash News Video: Miami-Dade, Florida: 4 Victims Killed In U.S. 27 Accident – Father And Daughter, Arturo Javier Montenegro And Norvel Jannett, And Sunny Isles Beach Residents, Miguel Remedio Gonzalez And Lazaro Miguel Remedio Palacio

The Miami Herald reports that 4 victims, including a dad and daughter, were killed in a two-vehicle crash. In the link to the article, which is posted below, you can also see a YouTube video with details on this accident.

Date: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Time: About 8:30 at night

City / County / State: Miami-Dade, Florida

Address: U.S. 27, near Mile Marker 16.5

Victims Killed:

1. Arturo Javier Montenegro was 47 and from North Miami Beach, Florida. He was Norvel’s dad.

2. Daughter Norvel Jannett was 6 years old.

3. Miguel Remedio Gonzalez, a Sunny Isles Beach resident, was 29.

4. Lazaro Miguel Remedio Palacio, also from Sunny Isles Beach, was 56.

Victims Injured:



The BMW occupied by Gonzalez and Palacio spun out of control and entered the path of Montenegro’s Honda Civic. The BMW flipped over and caught on fire.

Police believe that Gonzalez was the BMW driver, and they say evidence suggests he was traveling at a high rate of speed.


Miami Herald, Including YouTube Video

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YouTube Video: Candice Glover’s Performance Of “Cried” Single On Live With Kelly And Michael

Candice Glover is the winner of American Idol 12. She is supposedly going to release an album called “Music Speaks,” but it keeps getting delayed. But for now, she has put out a song called “Cried.” This is the lead single for the upcoming album.

Candice appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael to sing “Cried.” She was on the Tuesday, December 17, 2013 episode.

Glover is pretty much a flop so far in music sales. Unlike Scotty and Phillip, who both went platinum with their singles, Candice crawled her way into the top 10 on iTunes with “I Am Beautiful,” but she then quickly disappeared. That song peaked at #93 on the Billboard Hot 100 and only made #33 on the R&B chart. “Cried” was not listed in the top 1500 on iTunes when I checked. However, some of this does not appear to be Candice’s fault. I mean, Scotty and Phillip have been everywhere. But Candice is almost nowhere to be found. It seems she isn’t getting promoted like the others.

YouTube Video – Candice Glover – “Cried” – Live With Kelly And Michael

YouTube Video And iTunes Sales And Rankings For Angie Miller – “This Christmas Song” And “O Holy Night”

Angie Miller, the 3rd place finisher in American Idol 12, has released a couple of Christmas songs that are doing pretty well on iTunes. You can also listen to the songs and watch them on YouTube.

1. “This Christmas Song”

As of December 4, 2013, Angie is at #184 on iTunes with this song. That is one of the hotter Christmas songs out right now, especially considering she is getting no real promotion at all. You can see the YouTube video by using the link below.

2. “O Holy Night”

I checked the iTunes rankings for this song on the same date. It was at #264.

The publicly available charts do not list how many sales iTunes downloads are getting. Except with really big hits, it will be hard to get this kind of information. So the exact number of sales for Angie Miller’s Christmas songs will probably not be available soon, if at all.

Here are the links to the videos for these songs:

Angie Miller – “This Christmas Song” – YouTube

Angie uploaded a version of “O Holy Night” 11 months ago that she sang with some friends, Carly Moffie and Sophie Israelsohn. You can check that out on YouTube by clicking here.

CNN And KTLA News Video: Orange County, California: Cassidy Campbell Becomes Marina High School’s First Transgender Homecoming Queen; Includes Principal Paul Morrow

The following CNN news video contains an interview/press conference with Cassidy Campbell. Cassidy is a student at Marina High School, which is in Orange County, California. She has become the first transgender homecoming queen at Marina High. This video is originally from KTLA. It was added to the CNN website on September 21, 2013.

Campbell talked about waiting for the balloons to be released in front of the homecoming queen contestants. The winner’s balloons are gold and blue. When she saw that hers were gold and blue, she fell to the ground and started crying.

Cassidy also said that when she first entered the race for homecoming queen, she was just doing it for herself. But by the end of it, she realized she was doing it for a lot of people.

Principal Paul Morrow was also at the press conference. He believes Marina High School is a place for equity, acceptance, tolerance, and respect.

Cassidy gave some advice to other. She said to be true to yourself and don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside.

CNN Video – Orange County, California – Cassidy Campbell Becomes First Transgender Homecoming Queen At Marina High School

CNN And WBIR News Video: Cumberland County, Tennessee: Jacob Bennett Tells Judge He Is Guilty Of Killing Rikki Jacobsen And Teens Domonic Davis, Steve Presley, And John Lajeunesse; Girlfriend Brittany Moser Also Charged

The following CNN crime news video is about a quadruple murder in Cumberland County, Tennessee. It happened when the 4 victims were in a car on a rural road, on Renegade Mountain. A boyfriend and girlfriend are charged in the killings. The suspects are Jacob Bennett, who is 26, and girlfriend Brittany Moser, who is 25. Bennett is the alleged trigger man. But Moser is also accused of murder under the felony-murder rule since the couple allegedly conspired to rob two of the murder victims of some marijuana. This video was added to the CNN website on September 21, 2013. It aired on HLN’s Morning Express.

The victims, who include 3 teenagers, are listed below:

1. Rikki Jacobsen was 22 years old.

2. Domonic Davis was 17 years old.

3. Steve Presley was also 17.

4. John Lajeunesse was 16.

As mentioned above, the alleged motive was a robbery to take marijuana from Jacobsen and Davis. Bennett knew at least one of the people in the car.

A shocking thing occurred in court when Bennett appeared in front of a judge to be arraigned. He told the judge he did not want a lawyer. And he also told the judge he is guilty.

On the flip side, WBIR says that Moser denies robbing or killing anyone. Investigators say she was there. It is not really clear at all yet whether she actually participated or just happened to be there.

CNN Crime Video – Cumberland County, Tennessee – Jacob Bennett and Brittany Moser Indicted And Arraigned For Quadruple Murder: Rikki Jacobsen, Domonic Davis, Steve Presley, And John Lajeunesse

WBIR Video On This Quadruple Murder In Cumberland County, TN

CNN Weather News Video: Boulder, Colorado: Mark Changaris Plays Tears For Fears’ “Mad During” While Home Is Flooded

The following CNN weather news video is about Mark Changaris. He was one of the recent flood victims in Boulder County, Colorado. This video was added to the CNN website on September 20, 2013.

Changaris did something a little odd. While his home was being flooded, he sat down at the piano and played the Tears For Fears song, “Mad World.”

In an interview, Mark said “Mad World” is a beautiful song. He said it is sad and uplifting and melancholic at the same time. And that is sort of how he was feeling at the time he sat down and played the tune at his piano. You can see water and mud on the floor of his house and substantial flood damage by playing the clip below.

Changaris said responses he has gotten range from sadness for the losses caused by the Boulder flood to joy at seeing his ability to find something beautiful while enduring this mess.

Changaris has never been classically trained in piano. He just likes playing and has done it for 10 or 15 years.

He is fortunate compared to many flood victims. His home appears to be relatively intact, while others lost everything.

CNN Weather Video About Mark Changaris Playing Tears For Fears’s “Mad World” In His Flooded House

NBC Today Show Video: Willard Scott 100th Birthday Announcements (September 20, 2013)

The following Today show video is a Willard Scott segment that is sponsored by Smucker’s. Willard is congratulating various people around the country for reaching their 100th birthday. This Today video is from the Friday, September 20, 2013 episode.

Below, you can see the list of birthday boys and girls that Willard congratulated in this edition. Some already passed 100 years of age and are celebrating later birthdays.

1. Margaret O’Brien is 101 years old. She is from Camillus, New York. Margaret is Irish.

2. Bill Valentine is 100 years old. He is from Lantana, Florida. Bill is a big Marlins fan.

3. Evelyn McNair is from Union, Mississippi. She is 100 years old. Evelyn loves shopping.

4. Edward Hall is 102 years old. He is from Lexington, Kentucky. Hall is a happy-go-lucky guy.

5. Marie Plitt is 100 years old. She is from Baltimore, Maryland. Her favorite meal is steamed crab.

6. Virgil Christiansen is from Salina, Kansas. He is 100 years old. He likes ballroom dancing.

Today Show Video With Willard Scott’s 100th Birthday Announcements (September 20, 2013)

CNN Jeanne Moos And YouTube Animal Viral Video: Bandit The Dog Tries To Escape From Kitchen Due to Separation Anxiety (Andrew Holzberger YT Channel)

The following CNN news video is a Jeanne Moos report about an animal viral video that was uploaded to YouTube. This clip is exploding in stats. After being uploaded to the Andrew Holzberger channel on September 7, 2013, it has more than 5 million views. That is just in the first 3 days or so. When this clip was added to CNN on September 19, it had 1.5 million views. The clip aired on The Situation Room.

Bandit is the name of the dog. This pooch has separation anxiety. According to the YouTube video, the dog’s owner was told to put Bandit in the kitchen to try to reduce his stress from the separation anxiety. But as the video shows, the dog just got worked into a frenzy trying to escape from the kitchen. After this didn’t work, the owner made sure Bandit was free to roam the entire house.

Here is the CNN video of Bandit the dog trying to get out of the kitchen.

And here is the full YouTube video of this separation-anxiety-ridden pooch.

CNN Music Video: Piers Morgan Show – Billy Ray Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, And Christine Wu Perform “Hope Is Just Ahead”

The following CNN music news video contains a performance from Billy Ray and Brandi Cyrus, Miley’s older sister. Christine Wu played the violin for this performance. Billy Ray was singing and playing the guitar. Brandi was playing the guitar, as well. The song is “Hope Is Just Ahead.” This clip was added to the CNN website on September 19, 2013. It is from Piers Morgan’s TV show.

This song is about recent tragedies, such as Newtown and the floods. But the message is things are bound to improve in the near future. The song is from Billy Ray’s “Change My Mind” album. It was written by Cyrus, John Frederick Lenz, and Don Von Tress.

CNN Piers Morgan – Music Performance Of “Hope Is Just Ahead,” With Billy Ray And Brandi Cyrus And Christine Wu

Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Video For September 19, 2013: Skit For ” ‘Liking’ on Facebook Protected Under First Amendment”

The following video is from Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube account. This segment has a skit called ” ‘Liking’ on Facebook Protected Under First Amendment.” It aired on the Thursday, September 19, 2013 episode.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals held that Liking something on Facebook is a form of free speech. This started with a sheriff’s deputy got fired for liking the campaign of a guy who was running against the current sheriff.

Jimmy’s staff members asked people on Hollywood Boulevard if they agree that a Facebook Like is free speech. And these passersby were also asked to explain what the First Amendment is.

The first woman had no clue what the First Amendment is.

The next lady just laughed and said, “We shouldn’t have done this.”

The next guy said it’s for your rights. He didn’t know which ones.

One man thought it included the right to vote “probably.”

Ha. Another guy said he isn’t sure but knows it’s not freedom of speech.

YouTube Ratings And Statistics:

About 6 hours after this clip was uploaded to YouTube, it showed 4107 views and had a quite good user rating of 236 Likes and only 5 Dislikes.

Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Skit – “‘Liking’ on Facebook Protected Under First Amendment” (September 19, 2013)