YouTube Video For Munfarid Zaidi – “Crazy For You” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Munfarid Zaidi is now from Sugarland, Texas. But he was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He auditioned on the first episode of Season 13 of American Idol. That show aired on January 15, 2014.

Munfarid actually can sing and had a pretty good audition with Adele’s “Crazy For You.” But for whatever reason, there was little focus on his singing from the judges. It became more about Harry Connick, Jr. They had been making fun of Harry, showing clips of contestants who didn’t even know who he was. So in walks Munfarid, who says he is always reading Harry’s Wikipedia page. So Connick goes over and picks him up and hugs him.

The other judges dare Harry to hold Zaidi while he sings. But he tells Zaidi to sing first and blow him away. He will then cradle him like a baby. So Munfarid delivers his audition, and it’s a solid jazzy kind of style. So Harry then goes over and holds him like a baby while he sings another song.

After all that, we find out for sure that Munfarid has made it to Hollywood.

Every time a contestant’s audition turns into a silly (but funny) mess like this one, you have to fear for their chances in Hollywood. Just based on the way it was all edited, he could be in trouble in the next round.

YouTube Video For Munfarid Zaidi’s Audition On American Idol 13 – Adele’s “Crazy For You”

YouTube Video For Malcolm Allen – “Superstition” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Malcolm Allen acted kind of silly, playing an air guitar while singing. He said he still has to learn how to play acoustic guitar. But when he sang Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” it was different than your typical karaoke performance of that song. He put some jazzy scatting in there, and Jennifer remarked that he was a natural.

Jennifer gave Malcolm a triple YES. Harry thought he was the best singer of the day, and Keith agreed with the other two judges.

Despite the odd pre-audition package and air-guitar thing, Malcolm definitely earned his spot in the next round. But how long can he last with that kind of personality? I’d say it could be a problem if he makes the voting rounds. It’s probably better to have a boring personality than a wacky one on this show.

YouTube Video – “Superstition” – Malcolm Allen – Season 13 of American Idol – January 15, 2014

YouTube Video For Madelyn Patterson – “Up To The Mountain” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Madelyn Patterson is from Georgia. She auditioned on American Idol 13’s first episode, on January 15, 2014. Madelyn auditioned with “Up To The Mountain.” After finishing, Jennifer said not to say anything. But Harry asked Madelyn if she wanted to sing something else. And Keith asked her if she knew how to dance. Jennifer finally said they should just vote. She and Keith said YES, and that was enough to send Patterson to Hollywood.

Harry was trying to get a word in edge wise, but Jennifer already gave Patterson her golden ticket. Harry then said he just wanted to give her some advice. By that time, he just said she would hear his advice in Hollywood. Apparently, Connick thought that she may have focused a bit too much on doing runs.

After Patterson left the room, Harry said Jennifer and Keith go nuts after the slightest little run. They then showed them “ooh”ing over some of Madelyn’s runs. At any rate, Patterson has advanced to the next round of Season 13.

YouTube Video For Madelyn’s “Up To The Mountain” – American Idol 13

YouTube Video For Savion Wright – “Both Sides Of Me” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Savion Wright is from Jasper, Texas. His little backstory is that he has ADHD. That caused some problems in school, but music has helped him. His parents bought him a guitar.

Savion sang an original song that he said he wrote. I think it is called “Both Sides Of Me,” and he also played the guitar.

Harry said that the other contestants will be intimidated by Savion. So he will need to learn how to be nice to people. He was also impressed that Savion had waited to audition until he felt he was actually ready for the competition. He likes a mind that thinks like that.

Jennifer and Keith psyched out Wright by saying NO. But they then sent him to Hollywood with a unanimous vote.

YouTube Video – Savion Wright – “Both Sides Of Me” (Original Song) – American Idol 13 Initial Audition (this will be added after the show includes it in their official Idol channel)

YouTube Video For Shanon Wilson – “I Want You” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Before this singer’s audition, he pretended to play football with Ryan Seacrest. Shanon is a big guy who plays defensive tackle. They ran around the room, and Ryan fell when trying to hurdle a chair. He then claimed he scored a touchdown.

Shanon Wilson is 24 and from Houston, Texas. He is big on singing, church, and football. He sang Luke James’s “I Want You.” Shanon hit some really high notes. I am not huge fan of this kind of music usually. But that was a solid performance that deserved a trip to Hollywood. The guy has a huge range. The high notes didn’t really have much power, but he was good overall.

The part with judges’ commnents was brief in this audition segment. But Wilson definitely got 3 votes to move forward to Hollywood.

YouTube Video For Shanon Wilson’s “I Want You” Audition (American Idol 13 – January 15, 2014)

YouTube Video For Kaitlyn Jackson – “Another Angel” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Kaitlyn Jackson is 15. She sang her own song on the premiere audition episode of American Idol 13. She performed a pretty good original song that she said she wrote. It’s called “Another Angel.” Kaitlyn wrote the song about her grandfather, who had had a heart attack on the day that she opened for Mark Wills. He was saved that day, but Granddad died before getting to hear “Another Angel.”

I’m not sure what the judges thought of Jackson’s actual singing because we didn’t hear any comments about that. But they were raving about her song and seemed moved by her backstory. Harry said her grandfather is hearing the song now (from heaven).

Harry loved it 100%. He said she is smart, and it will be fun watching her from week to week. Jennifer said she has heart. Kaitlyn got 3 YES votes from the judges for Hollywood.

It is not clear yet whether Jackson will be able to sing covers well. This time, the song sold it for her. But she can’t do an original every time.

YouTube Video For Kaitlyn’s “Another Angel” – American Idol 13 Auditions

YouTube Video For Stephanie Hanvey – “Price Tag” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Stephanie Hanvey is 16 years old. She idolizes Jennifer Lopez and made that rather clear during her audition session. She was on the first episode of Season 13 (Jan. 15, 2014). Stephanie sang Jesse J’s “Price Tag.” It honestly lacked the power of the original and didn’t do much to replace that.

Harry said Hanvey has a great way of performing, but the voice needs some work. Harry said pretty much the same thing. Jennifer said she could use some work, and there was something missing emotionally.

There was a commercial break, and Jennifer said she’d like to see Stephanie at least one more time. Keith said YES, so that was enough to send Hanvey to Hollywood. Harry said that he would have said YES, too.

I’m not sure why this contestant was even given a chance. It appears that her voice simply isn’t strong enough to compete at the next audition stage.

YouTube Video – Stephanie Hanvey – Jesse J’s “Price Tag” (not sure when it will be uploaded)

YouTube Video For James Earl – “Everything In Life” – American Idol 13 Auditions

James Earl came out and mumbled the whole time he was talking to the camera and then to the judges. Harry said he is one of the coolest guys he has met in a long time.

James Earl sang his own song, “Everything In Life.” But the voice was really weak. It was like a low-volume impersonation of Michael Jackson or something. Then, he went for some low notes, and they were pretty bad, too.

The judges weren’t impressed with him as a singer. So James told a joke. “Why did the dog go in the water? Cause he didn’t want to be a hot dog.” Harry Connick said he thinks comedy is James’s calling.

In the end, it became apparent that the judges just weren’t into his voice. They showed Harry and Keith saying NO. So Jennifer didn’t have to vote. They didn’t show the judges commenting on the song, “Everything In Life.”

Earl is eliminated and is not going to the Hollywood rounds. And it seems like his original song wasn’t catchy enough to give him a chance.

YouTube Video – James Earl’s “Everything In Life” From American Idol 13 (link added as soon as possible)

YouTube Video For Troy Durden – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Troy auditioned in Boston, Massachusetts. He lives there and is 29. Troy came out like a joke contestant, twerking and all. He tried to get Jennifer Lopez to join in, but she said she didn’t have the right clothes. But when he sang, he was actually a decent singer. It wasn’t the best performance of this song I have heard – not even close. But it was surprisingly good. The judges then had Troy sing and twerk at the same time.

The judges said it just might twerk.

Harry, Keith, and Jennifer had fun watching Durden’s audition. They did all send him through to Hollywood but didn’t seem overly confident in his chances. Based on their lack or excitement over his actual singing, I’d say Troy has an uphill battle at this point. His comedic style has never worked well on this show, either, when it comes to getting votes.

YouTube Video – Troy Durden – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (link added after Idol puts it on their channel)

YouTube Video For Taylor Hildack – “Before He Cheats” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Taylor Hildack auditioned on the first episode of American Idol 13. It was broadcast on January 15, 2013. She sang Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” It was certainly an okay performance with some decent power. But as seen below, the judges just weren’t impressed with the other aspects of her singing.

Jennifer thinks the voice is strong, but Keith says the range is not so great. Harry says she needs some practice, but there is grating quality to it. Harry ended up saying NO because her voice just isn’t strong enough. Keith also said NO. Jennifer was the only one who voted to send Taylor to Hollywood. She thought the guys made a mistake. Harry says you have to have some technique to make it, and he doesn’t think Hildack had it.

Hildack is eliminated for Season 13. Something tells me she won’t be back.

I’ll add a link here to Taylor’s YouTube video of her “Before He Cheats” audition after Idol puts it online.