Track Star, Torrin Lawrence, Killed In Crash In Cordele, Georgia: Accident Video

A man who was said to be a world-class track athlete has been killed in a car crash near Cordele, Georgia. The victim is Torrin Lawrence. The date was Monday, July 28, 2014. It was nearing 2 in the morning.

Lawrence grew up in the Jacksonville area. He was 25.

Police say that Lawrence had a tire that blew out, so he was disabled on I-75.

Minutes after Lawrence made a call about the tire, something transpired which caused a crash involving a semi truck. Details on the cause are not available. And the Highway Patrol in Georgia is conducting the investigation.

Recently, Lawrence has been competing on the USA team, as a member of the 4×400 meter relay team. He is also a former college national champion in the indoor 400 meter run. (video report included)

Bicyclist Mark Allen Lustfeldt Killed In Crash In Clearwater, Florida: Accident Video

A 52-year-old victim, Mark Allen Lustfeldt, was from Oldsmar. He died in a bicycle accident in Clearwater, Florida. This was on Monday afternoon, July 28, 2014.

Lustfeldt was struck by a pickup truck, near the intersection of McMullen Booth Road and Curlew Road.

Police think the pickup driver was proceeding on a green light. The victim was in a crosswalk on his bike when he was hit. He died at Mease Countryside Hospital.

Florida’s no-fault insurance would usually cover Lustfeldt in this case. And this is going to hold true even if he failed to yield the right of way. However, his estate is not likely to have a negligence claim based upon the evidence as it is reported so far. (photo added, but no video coverage)

Charlie Yeagle Killed In Crash In Yulee, Florida: Accident Video

Charlie Yeagle has died in the crash of a private plane in Yulee, Florida.

At least one witness said it seems like Yeagle, who was the pilot and flying alone, was trying to get back to the airport due to a possible mechanical problem.

Based on a photo taken (see link below) of the airplane, it landed in a marshy area. This was near Miners Road.

Yeagle was 65 years old.

The NTSB is investigating the cause of this crash. They are using boats to get to the plane and do their investigation.

This accident was on Monday, July 27, 2014. It was about 10 in the morning. (photo of plane included; no video)

Ocala, Florida Crime News: Jaire Burgess (Rapper “Beezy”) Shot And Killed At Spring Manor Apartments

Teen Jaire Burgess (a rapper also called “Beezy”) was shot and killed at Ocala, Florida’s Spring Manor Apartments, on 7th Street. This was on Friday, July 25, 2014.

Burgess was 19. He was pronounced dead at Ocala Regional.

Police say Burgess was outside in a grassy area when they arrived. More shots were fired even after they arrived. However, they could not determine who was shooting.

Shortly after, a fire started (or was started) in one of the apartments. It was not clear whether these two incidents are related.

As far as the motive goes, there is some possibility here of a reckless shooting accident. Police couldn’t figure out who was firing 5 shots after they got there. So there is at least some possibility that that same person was just aimlessly shooting and hit Burgess.!blPJhw#!bnRZHB

Nedzad Botonjic Shot And Killed In Jacksonville, Florida – Crime Video

Nedzad Botonjic has been shot and killed outside a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida. He was 21 and lived in Jacksonville.

This was on Atlantic Boulevard, on Monday, July 21, 2014. It was about 6:30 in the evening.

The shooter or shooters may have fled in a red 4-door car.

As far as the motive, witnesses only described a short altercation, followed by gunshots. It is not know whether Botonjic had contact with either of these men before the shooting.

The suspects have not been identified by name. There is no solid personal description of them. However, there is a grainy surveillance photo of a suspect on the website. See the link below.

Teen Justin Ates Shot And Killed In Sarasota: Florida Crime Video

Teen Justin Ates has been killed in Sarasota, Florida. This victim was shot on Saturday, July 26, 2014. It was near Baccus Avenue, at about 4 in the morning.

Darian Davis allegedly killed Ates at or near a house party. Davis was arrested for murder. He is from Bradenton, but his age was not released yet.

The motive for the shooting is not clear. And the FOX report did not go into details of the evidence allegedly linking Davis to the shooting of Ates. There was also no discussion of whether the gun was recovered.

Davis was arrested over in Manatee County. He was jailed there but will now usually be transferred over to Sarasota County after processing of paperwork. (video included)

Niceville, Florida Crime Video: 3 Arrested On Drug Charges – Nathan Wyvil Pappas, Stephen Bradley Martin, and Carolyn Suzanne Cole

3 people were arrested in Niceville, Florida, in relation to a suspicious vehicle. This happened on July 16, 2014.

An officer stopped the vehicle.

Nathan Wyvil Pappas was the driver. He is 40. Stephen Bradley Martin is 44.

Although Pappas and Martin gave their names, Carolyn Suzanne Cole allegedly gave more than one fake name. The cop arrested her over the fake names.

Bags with drugs or related items were found in the car. Cole’s ID was allegedly with them. Pappas allegedly admitted to owning some meth. Some meth was also found in a backpack that had Martin’s name on it.

Cole, Martin, and Pappas are all charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Separately, Cole is charged with providing false information.

Pappas is separately charged with resisting or obstructing an officer without violence.

St. Augustine Crime Video: Clayton John Davis and Autumn Michelle Vaughters Arrested In Meth Drug Bust

Authorities made arrests after allegedly finding a meth lab in St. Augustine, Florida. It was close to Palmer Street and Avery Street. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office made the arrests.

Those arrested include Clayton John Davis and Autumn Michelle Vaughters. Ages of the suspects and where they live were not provided.

Davis and Vaughters are charged with producing drugs, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug equipment.

Davis and Vaughters are both in jail. But Davis has a bond in the amount of $10,500. Vaughters’s bond is in the amount of $15,500.

It was not clear from Action News Jax what evidence links Davis and Vaughters to the alleged meth lab.

Indian River County Crime Video: Tiffany Taylor-Moore and Others Arrested When Drugs Found

Tiffany Taylor-Moore is facing the following criminal drug charges out of Indian River County, Florida: trafficking Hydrocodone, possession of Hydrocodone and possession of Alprazolam (Xanax).

The drugs were allegedly found during a traffic stop. This was on Friday, July 25, 2014. Police say there were 100 or so pills each of the Hydrocodone and Alprazolam.

4 other people were arrested as a result of this traffic stop and a separate search of a house. The Sheriff’s Office’s MACE Unit carried out the arrest of these drug suspects.

Nassau County Crime Video: 24 Arrested Due To Operation High on Summertime Drug Investigation

24 suspects have been arrested on drug or related charges, as a result of Operation High on Summertime. This operation was in Nassau County, Florida. It spanned several months. published a list of the 24 who were arrested. This list also includes the ages of the suspects, where they live, and the charges against them.

23 of the 24 are charged with some type of drug sales. This is obviously a lot of charges. So specific info on each defendant is not available.

Ralph Ellison, 47 from Callahan; Sale of a controlled substance.
Adam Galvan, 25 from Fernandina Beach; Sale of marijuana.
Shawn Wilson, 39 from Fernandina Beach; Sale of marijuana.
David Propes, 26 from Fernandina Beach; Sale of marijuana.
Jessica Jamison, 31 from Fernandina Beach; Sale of cocaine.
Marshall DePriest, 31 from Yulee; Sale of cocaine.
Justin Murphy, 20 from Yulee; Sale of marijuana.
Leon Williams, 53 from Yulee; Sale of cocaine.
Jerry Rushton, 45 from Fernandina Beach; Sale of marijuana, Sale of a controlled substance.
Mark Moore, 27 from Callahan; Sale of marijuana.
Elroy McKinnon, 57 from Jacksonville; Sale of a controlled substance.
Lisa Latham, 47 from Hilliard; Sale of a controlled substance.
Tommy Dean Roach, 44 from Jacksonville; Sale of a controlled substance.
Timothy Melton, 50 from Callahan; Sale of a controlled substance.
Shawn Lamont Whigham, 39 from Fernandina Beach; Sale of cocaine.
Gary Wayne Cothren, 45 from Callahan; Sale of a controlled substance, Cultivation of marijuana.
David John Scheider, 48 from Hilliard; Sale of a controlled substance.
Sarah Borja, 22 from Jacksonville; Sale of a controlled substance.
Emmerett Jordan, 45 from Jacksonville; Sale of cocaine.
Lewis William Donley, 50 from Hilliard; Sale of a controlled substance.
Tracey Bonita Britt, 40 from Jacksonville; Sale of a controlled substance, Sale of marijuana.
Alexander Uton Brown, 32, from Jacksonville; Possession of cocaine.
Christopher Sieron Mote, 28, from Jacksonville; Sale of a controlled substance.
Christopher Ashley Tilyou, 31, from Callahan; Sale of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of weapon by a convicted felon.