CNN Jeanne Moos And YouTube Animal Viral Video: Bandit The Dog Tries To Escape From Kitchen Due to Separation Anxiety (Andrew Holzberger YT Channel)

The following CNN news video is a Jeanne Moos report about an animal viral video that was uploaded to YouTube. This clip is exploding in stats. After being uploaded to the Andrew Holzberger channel on September 7, 2013, it has more than 5 million views. That is just in the first 3 days or so. When this clip was added to CNN on September 19, it had 1.5 million views. The clip aired on The Situation Room.

Bandit is the name of the dog. This pooch has separation anxiety. According to the YouTube video, the dog’s owner was told to put Bandit in the kitchen to try to reduce his stress from the separation anxiety. But as the video shows, the dog just got worked into a frenzy trying to escape from the kitchen. After this didn’t work, the owner made sure Bandit was free to roam the entire house.

Here is the CNN video of Bandit the dog trying to get out of the kitchen.

And here is the full YouTube video of this separation-anxiety-ridden pooch.

NBC TV Tonight Show Video: Jay Leno Skit – Copy Cats (September 17, 2013)

The following NBC entertainment video is a segment of the September 17, 2013 episode of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. It is a skit called “Copy Cats.” This skit is basically clips of humans doing something and animals doing a copycat version of it.

A toddler slid down the stairs. A dog then did the same thing.

Jay showed a UFC pre-fight staredown, where a guy knocked a hat off another fighter. Then, a cat knocked a little hat off a kitten’s head.

A newlywed couple did a Bollywood dance. Two dogs then danced in a circle in unison.

A kid did a double somersault into a swimming hole. A turtle then fell into the water.

Jay showed a clip from Hot Fuzz. One cop leaped over a fence. His partner lost his balance and crashed right through it. Then, one dog jumped a hedge of bushes. The other dog tried but slammed right into it.

Jay showed the scene from Pirates Of The Caribbean, where the pirates used a rope to knock down British soldiers. Jay then showed two dogs walking along, each holding one end of a belt or some similar object. They approached a baby and knocked him down with it.

Some kid was bundled up too tight in a snowsuit and could barely move. Someone did the same thing to a little monkey. And it hopped along like a kangaroo.

Click here to watch this “Copy Cats” Jay Leno skit, which aired on the September 17, 2013 episode.

CNN Animal News Video: Lena, Leake County, Mississippi: Matt Hewharrell Thinks He Shot And Killed A Chupacabra

The following CNN animal news video comes out of the town of Lena, Mississippi, which is in Leake County. A hunter there shot an animal and thinks it’s a Chupacabra, which is a mythical creature that has never been proven to actually exist. The Chupacabra is sort of like a dog but thought to be a more powerful predator that preys on farm animals and such. This video was added to the CNN website on September 12, 2013. WJTV is the original source.

I don’t know who is kidding whom with this story. I wonder if WJTV has created a tongue-in-cheek media story to make fun of people like Matt Hewharrell. After all, they report that the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries believes that the animal Hewharrell shot is just a wild dog or coyote that had the mange.

The fact that Hewharrell doesn’t believe that it is a dog or coyote is hardly convincing. It’s not like he is some kind of expert. So where are the wildlife experts proclaiming this some wonderful discovery of a new species? That’s what would be happening if this was a Chupacabra.

CNN Animal Video – Matt Hewharrell Thinks He Shot A Chupacabra In Lena, Mississippi

NBC Today Show Animal Video: Black Bear Wanders Through The Streets In Gatlinburg, Tennessee (September 11, 2013)

The following Today show animal video contains footage of a black bear in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This video aired on the September 11, 2013 episode. Gatlinburg is in a mountainous area in Sevier County, TN.

The bear was not in a residential neighborhood or up a tree, which is where they are often found. Somehow, this animal ventured into some of Gatlinburg’s busy city streets. It can be seen strolling on the sidewalk. The black bear was also filmed crossing the street. The funny part about that is that the beast used a crosswalk to get to the other side of the road.

Although bears obviously have the potential to be dangerous, this one did not attack any of the multiple people standing around in amazement as the bear sauntered through the streets.

Today Video Showing A Black Bear Wandering Around Sidewalks And Roads In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

CNN Animal News Video: Volusia County, Florida: 2 Victims Bitten By Sharks At New Smyrna Beach – Both Survive

This is a somewhat unusual shark attack from Volusia County, Florida. Normally, when a victim gets bitten by a shark, it is only one person. But there must have been something funny in the water this day because two men got bitten by sharks at the same beach. The victims were only about 100 yards apart. According to WFTV, the attacks took place on Saturday, September 7, 2013. They happened at New Smyrna Beach, south of Ponce Inlet.

In this case, the victims were lucky to sustain only minor injuries of the leg or foot. Authorities don’t know if it was one or two sharks that did the attacking.

One man was 25 and from Oviedo. The other victim was 43. Their names were not released.

Witness Tyler Curtiss is interviewed for this story. He said regular beach visitors plus lifeguards helped get the victims out of the water.

CNN And WFTV Video About 2 Men Being Bitten By Sharks At Volusia County, Florida’s New Smyrna Beach

CNN Animal News Video: Nashville, Tennessee: Buddha The Fat Cat Loses Weight By Walking On Underwater Treadmill

The following CNN animal news video is about an overweight cat in Nashville, Tennessee, that has been given a special exercise regimen. This video was added to the CNN website on September 8, 2013. It aired on the New Day TV show. WKRN provided the local video for this story.

The kitty, who now weighs 31 pounds, is exercising on an underwater treadmill. The walking part of the treadmill is underwater. But all of the cat except most of the legs is above the water. So the animal is essentially walking in water but not swimming.

This cat’s name is Buddha. He has upped his endurance to 12-minute workouts. And the results are very nice. Buddha has lost 5 pounds so far.

CNN Video Showing Buddha The Fat Cat Getting A Workout On An Underwater Treadmill

CNN Animal News Video: Orange Beach, Alabama: Pregnant Woman, Hannah Kelly, Catches 226-Pound Swordfish

The following CNN animal news video is about a pregnant lady who caught a huge swordfish in the Orange Beach, Alabama area. This video was added to the CNN website on September 6, 2013. WKRG is the original source of the clip.

The woman who caught the swordfish, Hannah Kelly, is eight months pregnant. You can see an interview with her and husband Bobby Kelly in this story.

Bobby Kelly said he heard the noise you hear when a fish is on the line. Next thing he knew, wife Hannah had sat down and started reeling in the monster catch. She was asking the guys how much the fish fight when they are on the line. They say they fight a lot sometimes. And this one put up a big fight. It took about 2 1/2 hours to haul in this catch.

The fish was 226 pounds and was around 11 to 12 feet long.

CNN And WKRG Video About 8-Months-Pregnant Hannah Kelly Catching A 226-Pound Swordfish, In The Waters Off Of Orange Beach, Alabama

CNN And WMUR Animal News Video: Stratham, New Hampshire: Uggs The Cat AKA UglyBatBoy, Deemed The World’s Ugliest Feline, Has Died

The following CNN animal news video is about the death of what has been called the world’s ugliest cat. This feline went by the nicknames “Uggs” and “UglyBatBoy.” This video was added to the CNN website on September 6, 2013. WMUR is the original source. This story comes from Stratham, New Hampshire.

I’m not sure how ugly the kitty was. But he was pretty scary looking. Uggs had the perfect look for horror movies. Most of his body was hairless. But then there was some hair in spots.

Dr. Stephen Bassett owned the cat, which hung around the Exeter Veterinary Hospital. Uggs had somewhat of an Internet following. Bassett said a lot of people would come and want to take pictures with the cat when it was still alive. Bassett also said something about Uggs being chased off of TV by the Octomom.

UglyBatBoy died of heart failure.

CNN Video About The Death Of Uggs, The Ugliest Cat In The World, Who Was Owned By Exeter Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Stephen Bassett

NBC Today Show Animal Video: 2 Mississippi Alligator Records In 1 Hour – 725.5, Then 727 Pounds (September 3, 2013)

The following Today show animal video is about a new all-time record for the heaviest alligator caught in the state of Mississippi. In fact, gator hunters set two records, both in the same hour. The records were set on Sunday, September 1, 2013. This video aired on Today on September 3, 2013.

The first all-time record was 725.5 pounds. The elation from that lifetime feat was soon bittersweet, as it was topped within an hour with the catch of an alligator weighing 727 pounds.

The record-topping gator was about 13 1/2 feet long. And this thing is thick as heck. You can see a picture of that beast by playing the video linked to below. The hunters said they chased it down for about 2 hours. But that was just the beginning, as the process of getting it into the boat took four hours.

Today Video About 2 Mississippi Records For Heaviest Alligator, Both Within One Hour Of Each Other, On Sunday, September 1, 2013

CNN And Bay News 9 Animal News Video: Clearwater, Florida: 8-Year-Old UK Amputee, Cieran Kelso, Swims With Winter The Dolphin

The following CNN animal news video is originally from Bay News 9. It is about an 8-year-old amputee from the U.K. named Cieran Kelso. One of his wishes just came true when he was able to fly to Florida and swim with dolphins in Clearwater. His favorite dolphin is called Winter. This video was added to the CNN website on September 2, 2013. It aired on the Early Start TV show.

Although Cieran is an amputee, his dad constructed some flippers that allow him to swim. But he can move pretty well in the water. And this allowed him to swim with the dolphins.

In an interview, Cieran said this experience was great an emotional.

Before having a swim with Winter, Cieran wanted to be a train conductor. Now, he wants to work at an aquarium.

CNN And Bay News 9 Video About Cieran Kelso, An 8-Year-Old Amputee Fro The U.K., Swimming With Winter The Dolphin, In Clearwater, Florida