CNN Dog News Video: Lou Wegner, Founder Of “Kids Against Animal Cruelty,” Speaks Out Against Animal Gas Chambers

The following CNN news video is about the use of gas chambers to euthanize dogs and other animals. This is a controversial practice that has been banned in a number of states. Lou Wegner is the founder of a charity called “Kids Against Animal Cruelty.” He is interviewed in this video about his opposition to the gas chamber for euthanizing animals. The clip was added to the CNN website on June 2, 2013.

Lou Wegner is still only 15 years old. In addition to being an actor, he is also an animal activist. Wegner was featured on the show, The Young Icons.

Wegner and a KAAC member, Emily Capehart, managed to save two dogs from the gas chamber. He is interviewed about that accomplishment in this video. Lou brought along a chihuahua dog named Drako.

Wegner has the goal of getting the animal gas chamber banned in every state. There about two dozen that have banned it so far. He says it is a painful, scary, and terrible way to die.

Wegner’s charity recommends that you spay or neuter your dog or other pet. He says this is the key to avoid animal overpopulation.

Click here to watch the CNN video containing an interview with “Kids Against Animal Cruelty” creator Lou Wegner, and his views on the gas chamber.

CNN Politics News Video: Montage Of Michelle Bachmann Gaffes And Bachmann-isms

The following CNN politics news video is about Michelle Bachmann, who recently decided not to seek reelection for the U.S. House of Representatives. Bachmann, a Republican associated with the Tea Party, also ran for president in the 2012 primary election. But Mitt Romney won the Republican nomination. This video is a montage of Michelle Bachmann gaffes and Bachmann-isms. The clip was added to the CNN website on May 29, 2013.

About early American immigrants, Bachmann actually said their skin color didn’t matter. LOL.

Michelle said John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. This is not true. But the serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, used to live there.

Bachmann led a crowd to say “happy birthday” to Elvis Presley when it wasn’t even his birthday.

Bachmann said Obama has a dog walker. This is not true. When asked, she tried to deflect that by saying that was not the big point of her speech. So she can be wrong about anything and everything that is not a big point?

CNN Crime News Video: Mayor Michael Bloomberg (New York City) Interviewed About 2 Ricin-Laced Letters Sent To Him Over Gun Control Issues

The following CNN crime news video is about a ricin attack against Mayor Michael Bloomberg, of New York City. Two letters sent to Bloomberg have preliminarily tested positive for ricin, a potentially deadly substance. The mayor was not harmed. Bloomberg was interviewed about this alleged criminal incident, and he made a statement. His comments can be seen in the CNN video linked to below, which was added to their website on May 29, 2013. This clip aired on Anderson Cooper’s TV show.

The apparent motive for the ricin attack has to do with Bloomberg’s support for increased gun control. In fact, one of the letters was sent to him as director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

In the interview, Bloomberg stated that he has confidence in the NYPD and the FBI. He says they follow a lot of security and safety procedures, including those who open the mail. He said he will continue to battle against guns because about 12,000 will die from guns this year. In addition, he says that 19,000 will commit suicide with a gun.

The National Bioforensic Analysis Center is testing the pink and orange oily substance that was on the letters. It tested negative but then tested positive in a second test. The national center is better equipped to do thorough testing for ricin.

A couple of people appear to have gotten slightly sick from being exposed to the ricin. But they appear to be okay at the moment.

Click here to see the CNN video containing an interview with NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg, about ricin-laced letters addressed to him, apparently over his support of gun control.

CNN Crime News Video: 2 U.S. Embassy Workers Shot In A Nightclub (Antonella Club 2012) In Caracas, Venezuela

The following CNN crime news video is about a shooting in a Caracas, Venezuala nightclub. The reason this incident has caught the attention of the American media is that 2 United States working in the Embassy there were shot at the nightclub. This video was added to the CNN website on May 28, 2013.

The U.S. State Department is not providing much information on this shooting and victims. Patrick Ventrell is the acting deputy State Department spokesman. He did say, though, that he believes the injuries are not life-threatening.

One reporter asked Ventrell if it was actually a strip club. He says he doesn’t know that yet.

CNN says it found out on its own that the two Embassy workers were shot outside the Antonella Club 2012. It is in the basement of a mall. CNN did not say whether the Antonella is a strip club or some other kind of establishment.

Douglas Rico is on the crime scene investigating team. He says they are still collecting evidence and cannot yet provide an official version of what they believe happened.

There was no information about what led to this shooting or whether the American Embassy workers were specifically targeted or what the motive may have been. There was no word on any arrests or suspects, either.

Click here to see the CNN video about 2 U.S. Embassy workers being shot at a nightclub in Caracas, Venezuela.

CNN Politics News Video: Interview With Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, The Obama Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) And Drones Heckler

The following CNN politics news video contains an interview with Code Pink activist, Medea Benjamin. She has been labeled by the media as an Obama heckler. Benjamin doesn’t like the word “heckler,” as she says she is an activist. But she was certainly acting like a heckler when interrupting Obama during his speech on the Gitmo prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. Obama was also talking about drones during this speech. This video was added to the CNN website on May 24, 2013.

Benjamin has a silly reason for not wanting to be considered a heckler. She says she had an invitation to the President’s speech. That is so dumb. Just because you have an invitation doesn’t mean you can do anything. You still have to follow the proper decorum. She also claimed that she waited until the end of the speech. This is patently false. She clearly interrupted Obama during the middle of his speech, not the end.

Benjamin said she was upset because Obama did not discuss policy changes in the speech that she was wanting. Well, heckling is not going to change that. This was obviously a ploy for media attention even if it was “speaking out,” as she puts it. Benjamin obviously did succeed in getting the media attention, as evidenced by this CNN interview.

Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Video For May 22, 2013: Skit For “Anthony Weiner’s Political Ad – What He’s Really Trying To Say”

The following video is from Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube account. This segment has a skit called “Anthony Weiner’s Political Ad – What He’s Really Trying To Say.” It is from the Wednesday, May 22, 2013 episode.

Anthony Weiner previously resigned from Congress as a New York Representative over a sexting scandal. He wants back in politics and has just announced he is running for the mayor of New York.

In this skit, Jimmy runs a spoof political ad for Weiner’s election for New York mayor. Weiner’s wife also makes an appearance. Click the link below to watch this ad.

YouTube Ratings And Statistics:

About 1 hour after this video was added to YouTube, it showed 301+ views and had a so-so early user rating of 29 Likes and 2 Dislikes.

Click here to see this Jimmy Kimmel Live skit on Anthony Weiner’s first political ad after announcing has candidacy in the New York City mayoral election.

CNN Piers Morgan News Video: “The Bullpen” Segment: Penn Jillette Interviewed About IRS And AP Scandals

The following CNN news video comes from Piers Morgan’s TV show. It is a new segment called “The Bullpen.” Piers interviews Penn Jillette about the IRS controversy, over targeting of conservative groups. This video was added to the CNN website on May 17, 2013.

Penn Jillette has plenty of disagreements with small-government, Tea Party movement. And they do have a lot of conspiracy theories. But he is sad about the IRS situation, as it turned out to be correct in this case.

Penn has plenty of disagreements with Obama, as well. But he hopes people he disagrees with are wrong but not evil. He seems to be saying that some of this stuff lately may have crossed the line into criminality. But he did not really give specifics.

Piers says he has often laughed at gun-rights people who say they want their guns in case of tyranny. But he says this IRS thing is bordering on tyrannical behavior. And what DOJ did to AP reporters is bordering on tyrannical behavior. Penn says we have to be ever vigilant and keep the government’s feet to the fire.

Morgan criticized Eric Holder, who he says doesn’t seem to even know what is going on with the AP deal, which he believes is one of the biggest anti-media scandals in a long time. Penn says Democrats should be just as outraged as Republicans over this AP issue.

CNN News Video: Does Cellphone Video Footage Show Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, Doing Drugs (Crack Cocaine)?

The following CNN crime and politics news video is a controversy surrounding, Rob Ford, the mayor or Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There is a cellphone video clip floating around that purports to show Ford doing drugs. This video was added to the CNN website on May 17, 2013.

Reporters say they saw the video of Mayor Ford, and he is smoking crack cocaine with a pipe in broad daylight. But for some reason, the cellphone footage has not been made available to the public.

As far as the mayor’s response goes, he says the allegations are ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the person who shot this video that allegedly shows the mayor smoking cocaine is demanding money to release the clip. LOL. And he is allegedly a crack cocaine dealer. Figures. This video is likely never going to be authenticated in a credible fashion after this jerk is trying to sell it for money. Gawker is trying a crowd-sourcing approach to raise the money and pay off the jerk. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing this. If a crime has been committed, the police should be getting a warrant for the video (not sure about Canadian law or how that process works there, though).

Click here to see the CNN video containing footage that MIGHT show Toronto mayor xxxxx doing drugs.

CNN Anderson Cooper News Video: Dorset, Minnesota: 4-Year-Old Mayor, Robert Tufts, Makes The RidicuList Segment

The following CNN Anderson Cooper politics news video is an edition of The RidicuList. It was added to the CNN website on May 16, 2013.

In this edition, Anderson talks about Dorset, Minnesota, and its 4-year-old mayor, Robert Tufts. And how did a 4-year-old boy become mayor? Dorset puts every person’s name in a hat and draws one name. That person becomes the mayor for one year. This is possible because only 22 residents live in Dorset. It doesn’t even have its own zip code.

You can see Mayor Tufts hanging around town in the clip below. He sings, dances, does an interview about fishing, and rides a horsey ride. Robert said the fish around there bite on leeches, worms, and minnows. He likes to catch walleye, bass, and various other kinds of fish. The mayor was also sucking on a fishing bobber. When asked what it tastes like, he said “fish poop.”

CNN News Video: Ryan Fogle Accused Of Being a Spy And Arrested By Russians

The following CNN news video comes out of Moscow, Russia. That country has accused Embassy worker Ryan Fogle of being a spy. He was arrested. Some people think Fogle is not a spy and was set up or entrapped by Russians for political reasons. In this CNN clip, there is some background information on Ryan Fogle. The video was added to the CNN website on May 15, 2013.

Based on sources who have talked to CNN, this appears to be the Ryan Fogle who grew up in the St. Louis, Missouri area. They say he attended Mary Institute And Saint Louis Country Day School. This is an expensive private school that costs about $23,000 per year for the “upper grades.”

Fogle then went to Colgate University. He has been described there as a straight shooter. And although he was in the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, that organization does not allow drinking. He was said to be a high achiever, as well.

Professor Fred Chernoff said Fogle was interested in Middle East politics. In 2006, Ryan Fogle graduated from Colgate. He had a double major – international relations and political science.

They say IF Fogle is working for the CIA (it hasn’t been confirmed), then he is unlikely to ever work undercover again since everyone knows what he looks like now.