CNN Music Video: Piers Morgan Show – Billy Ray Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, And Christine Wu Perform “Hope Is Just Ahead”

The following CNN music news video contains a performance from Billy Ray and Brandi Cyrus, Miley’s older sister. Christine Wu played the violin for this performance. Billy Ray was singing and playing the guitar. Brandi was playing the guitar, as well. The song is “Hope Is Just Ahead.” This clip was added to the CNN website on September 19, 2013. It is from Piers Morgan’s TV show.

This song is about recent tragedies, such as Newtown and the floods. But the message is things are bound to improve in the near future. The song is from Billy Ray’s “Change My Mind” album. It was written by Cyrus, John Frederick Lenz, and Don Von Tress.

CNN Piers Morgan – Music Performance Of “Hope Is Just Ahead,” With Billy Ray And Brandi Cyrus And Christine Wu

CNN News Video: Piers Morgan TV Show: Howard Samuels Debates “Marijuana Mom,” Cheryl Shuman

The following CNN news video comes from Piers Morgan’s TV show. Morgan Spurlock is the guest host for this segment. Two guests are debating the benefits and risks of marijuana use. This video was added to the CNN website on July 29 2013.

The pro-pot guest is Cheryl Shuman, who has been identified on this video as “Marijuana Mom.” The anti-pot guest is Howard Samuels, who is the founder and CEO of The Hills Treatment Center.

Shuman says no one overdoses or dies from marijuana and never has. She seems to admit that some people may get an addiction to pot, but she says those are people who get addicted to other things, as well. This is pretty much the weakest part of her debate and the strongest part for Samuels.

Samuels does admit that truly sick people, such as those with cancer, could benefit from medicinal marijuana. But he says the California system is a big sham. People who aren’t really sick are getting pot.

I’m not sure exactly what these people are debating. If it is strictly a legality debate, then Shuman makes strong arguments for legality of cannabis. But if it’s a lifestyle debate, then Samuels has many good points. For example, people with addictive personalities should be getting addicted to life, not drugs.

CNN Video With Marijuana Debate Between Howard Samuels And Cheryl Shuman

CNN Crime News Video: Piers Morgan Interviews Rachel Jeantel About Her George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Testimony

The following CNN crime news video comes from Piers Morgan’s TV show. He interviews Rachel Jeantel. This was a witness that the state of Florida pretty much held up as their star witness in the George Zimmerman murder trial. Well, the jury obviously did not find her credible, as George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin. This video was added to the CNN website on July 15, 2013.

Piers said she looked uncomfortable during her trial testimony, as if she did not want to be there. But she said it wasn’t that. It was more that she was stressed. Piers said, “And you were grieving a friend.” So she repeated, “And I was grieving.”

Jeantel said that death creeps her out. She mentioned something about birthdays and then said she is not even going to go to her parents’ funerals. She doesn’t like that.

Piers asked her what effect Trayvon’s death had on her. She said it was shocking.

Jeantel said people have a lot of nerve criticizing her for not going to Trayvon’s funeral. She said she isn’t the one who put him there.

Piers asked Rachel if she misses Trayvon Martin. She said she did. He was a funny person.

Morgan then showed a clip of an Anderson Cooper interview with one of the jurors. That lady said Jeantel’s testimony was not very credible. But she felt sorry for her at the same time. She also said that Jeantel seemed to be uneducated and lack communication skills.

Piers asked her what she thought about that juror’s comments. She said she was angry and upset. Jeantel then said that the prosecution tried to explain what kind of person she is (not sure what point she is getting at here).

CNN Video With Piers Morgan’s Interview Of Rachel Jeantel, The Star Witness In The George Zimmerman Murder Trial

CNN News Video: Becky, Mother Of Ashland, Ohio Slavery Suspect, Jordie Callahan, Interviewed By Piers Morgan

The following CNN crime news video comes from Piers Morgan’s TV show. It is about an alleged case of modern-day slavery in Ashland, Ohio. Three suspects have been accused of holding a woman and her daughter against their will for close to two years. They include Jordie Callahan, Jessica Hunt, and Daniel Brown. Authorities say the woman victim is mentally disabled. She is only known as S.E. at this time. The name of her daughter has not been released, either.

In this CNN video, which was added to their website on June 18, 2013, Piers interviews the mom of one of the suspects. She is identified as Becky in this interview, and Becky is Jordie Callahan’s mom. She denies the criminal allegations. Of course, she probably wouldn’t personally know. But she does present what sounds like at least a potentially viable defense.

Becky says she has seen the alleged victim many times, and this simply did not happen. In fact, according to Becky, Jordie and Jessica turned in the woman to the police for allegedly kicking her daughter. They say they even turned over a cellphone video of this abuse. Becky says that this provides a motive for the woman to make accusations to get out of trouble on this child-abuse allegation.

Whether what Becky is saying is true is not really clear at this time. But it’s a bombshell in favor of the defense if true. Why would people holding a woman and her daughter captive turn that very victim into the police? And if they were abusing these alleged victims, why would they even care that the mom also abused the girl?

At this time, it’s just impossible to know who is telling the truth. But it does not sound even close to a slam dunk for the federal prosecutor.

Click here to see the CNN Piers Morgan interview with Becky, who is the mom of Ashland, Ohio kidnapping suspect, Jordie Callahan.

CNN Animal News Video: Ft. Myers, Florida: Piers Morgan Interviews Chris Kreis, The Teen Who Rode The Whale Shark

The following CNN animal news video contains an interview of teen Chris Kreis, who has taken a lot of heat for grabbing the dorsal fin and riding a whale shark in the Gulf of Mexico (near Captiva, Florida). Piers Morgan interviews Kreis in this clip. Chris is in Ft. Myers, Florida, where he lives. The video of this interview was added to the CNN website on June 17, 2013.

Kreis first said it has always been his dream to see one of these (I don’t know he specifically means whale shark) in the wild. Piers said what he did was madness, though. And Kreis then said his dream has been to be in the water with one of them.

Piers asked if Chris was scared. He said he knows that whale sharks are harmless creatures.

He then said he wasn’t really thinking about grabbing onto and riding a 30-foot shark of approximately 50,000 pounds, when he was doing it. He realized exactly what he did after watching the video of this stunt.

Click here to see the CNN video containing a Piers Morgan interview with Chris Kreis, the teenager who rode a whale shark off the coast of Florida.

CNN Piers Morgan News Video: Billy Ray Cyrus Interviewed About The Good And Bad Of Being a Celebrity

The following CNN entertainment news video comes from Piers Morgan’s TV show. It contains portions of an interview with Billy Ray Cyrus, a country singer and actor who is Miley Cyrus’s dad. This video was added to the CNN website on June 14, 2013.

They bring up Justin Bieber. Billy Ray says he likes him, and it is tough to be a star at that age. Cyrus also said that there has to be a flip side to it when you are loved so passionately by many. There will be an opposite reaction.

Billy Ray’s remarks don’t make any sense. The people who love Justin Bieber don’t love him for his antics. They love him for his overall image. It’s a very shallow love. People who criticize the Justin Bieber types for immature behavior aren’t saying that these celebrities don’t have other positive qualities. These are two separate issues and can be compartmentalized. Cyrus is just spinning here.

They then turned their attention to Miley Cyrus. Billy Ray says that, in this business, the higher you go, the farther you fall. Kris Kristofferson told him that the turkey with the longest neck is the one that everyone will shoot at.

CNN Piers Morgan Interview Video: Huntington Beach, California: 3 Fishermen Set World Record Mako Shark Catch: Jason Johnston And Corey Knowlton

The following CNN animal news video comes from Piers Morgan’s TV show. It contains an interview with 3 guys who set the new world record for the biggest catch of a mako shark. They caught the fish off the coast of Huntington Beach, California, and it weighed about 1300 pounds. This video was added to the CNN website on June 5, 2013.

Corey Knowlton is the host of “Jim Shockey’s The Professionals,” which is a TV show on the Outdoor Channel. He is one of the 3 fishermen who nabbed the mako shark. Corey confirms that you do get nervous when you are in the midst of a huge predator like this fish. And they are very fast.

Jason Johnston was the amateur fisherman of the 3. He said he was horrified. This was not what he was expecting, as he just went out for a typical day of fishing. The day before, Johnston caught a 250-pounder and remarked that he didn’t want to be involved in a world-record catch cause the 250-pound shark was so hard to reel in. The very next day, they caught the 1300-pounder.

The 3rd fisherman was not identified in this story.

There has apparently been no official finding that the 3 men here set a world record for catching this 1300-pound mako shark (at least nothing I have seen yet and certainly not on this video).

Click here to see the CNN Piers Morgan video containing an interview with the 3 fishermen who caught a 1300-pound mako shark off the coast of Huntington Beach, Florida.

CNN Piers Morgan News Video: Interview With Father And Stepfather Of Carl Young, One of 3 Storm Chasers Killed In El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado (Bob Young And Sal Lucido)

The following CNN Piers Morgan weather news video is about those 3 storm chasers who were killed when chasing a tornado in the El Reno, Oklahoma area. Carl Young was one of the victims killed. In this clip, you can see an interview with both the father and stepfather of Carl Young. Bob Young is his father, and Sal Lucido is his stepfather. This video was added to the CNN website on June, 3, 2013. Bob and Sal are being interviewed from South Lake Tahoe, California.

Bob was always concerned about Carl Young’s storm chasing. Part of what they were doing was placing probes in the tornado’s path so they can make various scientific measurements. And doing that required getting close to the tornadoes and possibly getting swept up into one of them.

Sal Lucido is Carl’s stepfather. He was asked if this storm-chaser work should be allowed to continue. Sal says the work must continue even though it is dangerous. As a parent, it is like your child being sent to war. But it was Carl’s passion.

Dad Bob said that Carl was a gentle and caring person. They were close. Carl’s passion was the weather, and he and Tim were professionals. But they always knew that chasing tornadoes and other storms was dangerous work.

Click here to see the CNN video containing an interview with Bob Young and Sal Lucido, the father and stepfather of Carl Young, one of 3 storm chasers killed in an El Reno, Oklahoma tornado.

CNN News Video: Piers Morgan Interviews Jesse Ventura About Whether He Will Run For President In 2016 And IRS Scandal

The following CNN politics news video is from Piers Morgan’s TV show. Piers is interviewing Jesse Ventura. He asks Ventura about a possible run for president in the 2016 election. This video was added to the CNN website on June 3, 2013.

Jesse does not say whether he will run for president. But he said running in 2016 as an independent would be the time to do it because there is no incumbent. He said if he does run, he will have no political party. Ventura says there has been no president since George Washington who did not belong to a political party.

Piers asks Jesse about the IRS scandal. Before answering that, Ventura says that he would abolish the income tax and institute a national sales tax. Ventura doesn’t like the targeting of political groups. He said he got audited twice when he was the mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. And the IRS even ended up owing him money one of those times. He claims he was “targeted.”

CNN Crime News Video: Piers Morgan Interviews Joshua Cooke (The “Matrix Killer”), Who Murdered His Parents

The following CNN crime news video contains an interview with Joshua Cooke, who has been dubbed the “Matrix Killer.” Piers Morgan is conducting the interview on his TV show. This video was added to the CNN website on May 31, 2013.

Cooke was 19 years old when he killed his parents. He has described being obsessed with violent video games and with the “Matrix” movies.

Cooke watched “The Matrix” 100s of times. He put himself in the shoes of Keanu Reeves, pretending he was killing all the bad guys, like bullies he encountered during his life. He said it released his aggression and made him feel good.

Cooke also played violent video games like “Blood Rain” and “Grand Theft Auto” and “Dune” and “Resident Evil.” He’d sometimes play 12 to 15 hours a day. He flunked out of college cause he played video games all the time.

Nothing in this clip strongly suggests that Joshua Cooke killed his parents over a movie or video games. In fact, he says he used them as a way to release his aggression and make him feel better.

Click here to see the CNN video containing an interview with “Matrix Killer” Joshua Cooke.