CNN Travel News Video: “Parts Unknown” Gaza Strip Trip: Anthony Bourdain Eats Maqluba, A Traditional Palestinian Meal

The following CNN travel news video comes from Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” TV show. This segment is from Tony’s trip to the Gaza Strip. Anthony meets a family of farmers there and eats a traditional Palestinian meal called “maqluba.” This video was added to the CNN website on September 9, 2013.

This particular husband and wife cook together, which is apparently not common in the Gaza Strip or in Palestinian culture.

Maqluba is a chicken dish. It also has fried eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and caramelized onions. This mix is first sauteed and then simmered in a broth that includes nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and rice. Maqluba can also be made with lamb instead of chicken.

CNN Video – Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” – Tony Eats Maqluba In The Gaza Strip

CNN Travel News Video: “Parts Unknown” West Bank Trip: Anthony Bourdain Meets The Speed Sisters, The First All-Female Palestinian Car Racing Team

The following CNN travel news video comes from Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” TV show. This segment is from Tony’s trip to the West Bank. He meets the Speed Sisters, who have made history as the first all-female car racing team from Palestine. This video was added to the CNN website on September 9, 2013.

In this segment, one of the Speed Sisters racing girls takes Anthony for a ride on the streets of the West Bank. She says she feels most alive when she is driving.

She also said they used to make fun of the girls racing. But they aren’t laughing anymore after seeing their racing skills.

CNN Video – Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” – Palestinian Female Racing Team, The Speed Sisters

CNN Travel And Entertainment News Video: Chicago, Illinois: Preview Of Six Flags Great America’s Goliath Wooden Roller Coaster; Scheduled To Be Fastest Wooden Coaster In World, At 72 MPH

The following CNN entertainment and travel news video is about plans that are in the works to make a world-record-setting wooden roller coaster. Six Flags Great America, which is in the Chicago area, plans to build the Goliath. They apparently want to make the most extreme roller coaster in the world. This video was added to the CNN website on August 29, 2013. The clip aired on the Erin Burnett Out Front TV show.

The Goliath is scheduled to debut in the spring of 2014.

The world record that Goliath is aiming to set is as the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world. Its top speed is to be 72 miles per hour.

Another planned world record for Goliath is to make it the tallest drop for a wooden roller coaster. The main hill will drop 180 feet.

The 3rd world record for Goliath will be the steepest drop for a wooden coaster, at 85 degrees.

Surprisingly, there are only 174 active wooden roller coasters in the world. I was surprised to hear this. But I guess it makes sense because most of the new ones are steel coasters, and the old wooden ones are out of commission due to age.

CNN Video About Goliath, A Huge Wooden Roller Coaster Planned To Be Built At Six Flags Great America, In Chicago, Illinois

CNN Travel News Video: Preview Of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Season 2 – Premiere Episode Debuts On September 15, 2013; Jerusalem, New Mexico, Copenhagen, Spain, Detroit, Tokyo, Sicily, And South Africa

The following CNN travel news video is a preview of Season 2 of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.” This is a show were Anthony goes to various places you would not necessarily think of taking a trip. In Season 1, he visited places like Morocco, Libya, Colombia, and Myanmar. This preview clip was added to the CNN website on August 29, 2013.

Season 2 is set to premiere on September 15, 2013. The show is broadcast at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

This preview wasn’t exactly clear about what is coming up. But it did flash a list of different places. They included Jerusalem, New Mexico, Copenhagen, Spain, Detroit, Tokyo, Sicily, and South Africa. As usual, expect Bourdain to eat a lot of local cuisine during his travels.

CNN Video With Preview Of Season 2 Of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”

NBC Today Show Video For July 2, 2013: Arthur Hicks’ Funny Viral Complaint Letter To LIAT Airlines (Caribbean Company)

The following Today show video is about a complaint letter to LIAT Airlines, which operates in the Caribbean. Arthur Hicks’s funny letter has gone viral on MSN. This video aired on the July 2, 2013 episode.

Hicks thanked LIAT for letting him visit 6 magnificent airports instead of the usual boring trip of going from Point A to Point B. He described it as an “in-depth and thorough tour of the Caribbean.” Also, Hicks said no one really wants to ride the same airplane for their whole trip. He also told LIAT to keep the bag because he doesn’t like it, anyway.

You can click the link below to read the actual viral letter.

Today Video About Arthur Hicks’ Complaint Letter to Caribbean Airline, LIAT

For your own exciting Caribbean tour, you can visit LIAT Airline’s official website by clicking here. They even have something called ZiNG Magazine for your reading pleasure.

NBC Today Show Travel Video: Diners Suspended In Air By Crane At Brussels, Belgium Restaurant (July 1, 2013)

The following Today show travel video comes out of Brussels, Belgium. It is about a restaurant with quite a gimmick. This place uses a crane to suspend diners in the air. The customers then eat while enjoying a bird’s eye view of the city. This video aired on the July 1, 2013 episode of Today.

According to the New York Daily News, this is the Dinner In The Sky event. It is actually a temporary special instead of a regular restaurant. The organizers do this from city to city.

Today reporter Michelle Kosinski tried out the restaurant for this story. She is seen being strapped in and compares it to a roller coaster ride. While it’s definitely not a roller coaster, the dining area is suspended by a cable. So in fact, it does sway some in the wind.

The chefs go along and sound like they are top-notch professionals. They both have two Michelin stars, which is a huge honor in the culinary world.

Kosinksi says the same type of midair restaurant is being run in 47 different countries.

I don’t get this idea at all. Surely, there are people who get motion sickness. And eating expensive gourmet food while getting motion sickness doesn’t sound like a good combination.

Today Video About Brussels, Belgium Restaurant, That Suspends People In Midair While They Eat Their Meals

NBC Today Show Travel Video: Donna Cooper’s Terrible Trip To Death Valley Due To GPS Failure (June 27, 2013)

The following Today show video is about a trip-turned-bad for Donna Cooper. She was traveling to Death Valley, and it was about 128 degrees outside. Then, her GPS went haywire, giving the wrong directions. This video aired on the June 27, 2013 episode of Today.

GPS devices are loaded with mapping software. Different devices often have different software products. And the reality is people do sometimes get wrong directions when using these devices.

Donna had driven to Death Valley with a friend and her daughter. The problem came when they decided to get back home. Nell, their GPS system, was not giving accurate directions and appeared to be “lost.”

Eventually, Cooper’s group had to break into a shelter to get out of the extreme heat. They then got lucky because a helicopter rescue team found them after 3 days.

Michelin says some 63 percent of users have reported getting bad directions from a GPS.

Today Video About Donna Cooper’s GPS Fiasco During a Trip To Death Valley

CNN Travel News Video: Natural Resources Defense Council’s List Of The Cleanest And Dirtiest Beaches By State In America

The following CNN travel news video is about some of the dirtiest and cleanest beaches in America. These lists were compiled by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The video for this story was added to the CNN website on June 26, 2013. It aired on the Erin Burnett Out Front TV show.

This NRDC list is based upon water quality at these beaches. It is not based upon the actual beach. So if you aren’t going to go swimming, then I suppose this list doesn’t really apply to you. But if you do plan on swimming, then it’s something to consider when you are planning a coastal vacation in the United States. This list is for the dirtiest beaches from over 3000 beaches spread across 30 states.

Of the 30 states, the dirtiest were as follow, with 30 being the worst:

26. South Carolina
27. Maine
28. Minnesota
29. Wisconsin
30. Ohio

On the other hand, here were the cleanest states in terms of water quality at beaches:

1. Delaware
2. New Hampshire
3. North Carolina
4. Hawaii
5. Alaska

Here were some of the cleanest 5-star beaches:

Gulf Shores Public Beach
Gulf State Park Pavilion
Bolsa Chica Beach
Newport Beach
San Clemente State Beach
Dewey Beach
Rehoboth Beach
Ocean City At Beach 6
Bay City State Recreation Area

CNN Video On List Of Cleanest And Dirtiest Beaches By State In America, As Compiled By National Resources Defense Council

NBC Today Show Travel Video: Conde Nast Traveler’s Lisa Gill Lists 6 Top Amusement And Water Parks (June 25, 2013)

The following NBC Today show travel video features Lisa Gill, an editor for Conde Nast Traveler. She lists 6 of the top amusement/water parks in the United States. This video aired on the June 25, 2013 episode of Today.

Lisa Gill says amusement parks are expecting to have revenues of about $13.4 billion this summer.

1. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Vallejo, California

You can see the Superman Ultimate Flight roller coaster in the video.

2. Noah’s Ark Water Park – Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Lisa Gill talked about the Black Anaconda, a large rafting ride. Noah’s Ark is the biggest park, and the Black Anaconda is the longest water coaster in America.

3. Dollywood – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The Wild Eagle is a winged roller coaster that can be seen in the clip below.

4. Cedar Point – Sandusky, Ohio

The Gatekeeper is now the longest winged roller coaster.

5. Holiday World And Splashing Safari – Santa Claus, Indiana

The Mammoth is the featured rafting water ride at this park.

Note: The video said there were 6. But this segment actually only listed 5 parks.

Today Show Video About 6 Amusement And Water Parks To Visit This Summer, As Listed By Conde Nast Traveler’s Lisa Gill

CNN News Video: Feature On Food In Soweto, South Africa; Includes Wandies Place And Owner Wandile Ndale

The following CNN food news video is about places to go and things to eat when dining out in Soweto, South Africa. Nadia Bilchik provides the food and restaurant tour of Soweto for this segment. Suzanne Malveaux and Michael Holmes are the reporters for this segment. This video was added to the CNN website on June 21, 2013.

Soweto is a historically black township outside of Johannesburg.

Bilchik goes to Wandies Place, which is owned by Wandile Ndale. The restaurant used to be an illegal “shebeen,” which was a place for blacks to meet and entertain themselves. But since Apartheid is over, Wandies Place is now a legal and thriving restaurant.

Cow intestines and ox liver are two of the items at this place. Chakalaka was one of the others. It is a kind of tomato gravy that is used as a dipping sauce. Mopane worms are also on the Wandies Place menu. They are like a large caterpillar.

Nadia Bilchik also brought several South African foods into the studio, including the local version of beef jerky and others. Watch the video to see all of these food items.

Click here to see the CNN video with a dining-out tour of Soweto, South Africa.