MSNBC And NBC Nightly News Video: Delaware County And Muncie, Indiana – Al Holdren And Volunteers Provide Christmas Gifts To Thousands Of Needy Families

The following MSNBC news video is about Al Holdren and volunteers that work with him around Christmas time. Thanks to their efforts, thousands of Christmas presents are provided to needy families in Muncie, Indiana (Delaware County). This clip is an edition of the Making a Difference segment, which features the work of select charities around the country. It originally aired on the NBC Nightly News. John Yang is on scene to report on this story.

Al Holdren can be seen organizing his troops on this video. They got together all on one day, went on a shopping spree, and wrapped the presents at a local car dealership. Al and his volunteers also provided Christmas trees to needy families.

Daughter Katie Holdren, who participates with the Holdren sisters, says this special day (already completed for 2012) is much better than the actual Christmas Day.

This year, Al and wife Chris raised more than $100,000. That was enough to help 180 families. Seems like they could help a lot more families with that kind of money. But hey. It’s their charity. At least those families will be super happy.

Kathy Flatter is one of the volunteers. She says she feels special adding just a little something to a family’s Christmas.

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