Yucaipa, California Crime News: Merlin Factor Shot And Killed By Police After Allegedly Brandishing Gun During Traffic Stop

A man has been shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies in Yucaipa, California. They say they shot in self-defense after he brandished a gun during a fight that started during a traffic stop.


The suspect was driving a car in the area of Third Street and Yucaipa Boulevard.


Saturday, June 29, 2013


Merlin Factor was 26 years old. He lived in Yucaipa. Note that some reports said he is 25. There is some discrepancy there.


Authorities received reports that Factor was with a woman. It was alleged that he may have taken the woman against her will after a disturbance that occurred on Second Street. That disturbance started at about 3 in the afternoon.

Because a 911 call was placed, they stopped Factor’s vehicle. From there, deputies say that he started fighting with them. At some point, they say Factor produced a gun. So they shot him.

Justified Shooting?

You always have to determine if the cops are telling the truth first. That is something only an investigation can uncover. But if Factor did, in fact, brandish a gun on this traffic stop, then it is trivially easy to conclude that the police acted in self-defense. According to the San Bernardino Sun article, a woman said she did see Factor with a gun.


SBSun.com Report On Police Shooting Death Of Merlin Factor, In Yucaipa, California (Sen Bernardino County)

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