YouTube Video: X Factor 9 UK Audition And Predictions For Rough Copy (September 16, 2012)

X Factor UK has started another audition season. 2012 is the 9th season of this show, which originated from the UK. Little Mix was last season’s winner.

Rough Copy auditioned on the last episode of initial auditions, which aired on September 16, 2012.

This is a group act made up of 3 black guys. They are coming off way too overconfident in the pre-audition segment. They also claim they are original. These guys are annoying attention seekers.

They sing “Use Somebody.” The vocals are decent, so we may have to put up with these annoying guys for a while. It’s pretty typical R&B stuff, though.

The flirting with Tulisa is so annoying.

Louis gives them a YES. So does Gary Barlow. The girls also give them YES votes. Rough Copy is off to the bootcamp round.

My prediction is they will be very divisive, which probably means they will make the voting round to piss off people like me. Then, they will be eliminated after a few weeks to end everyone’s suffering.

I will upload the YouTube video of Rough Copy after the show is over. It may take a while for X Factor to get it uploaded to YouTube.

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