YouTube Video: US X Factor 3 Top 8 Performance Of Josh Levi – “Treasure” (November 27, 2013)

The 3rd season of the U.S. version of X Factor has arrived at its Top 8 week. In the Top 10, Khaya Cohen finished in 10th, and the judges eliminated Tim Olstad in 9th after a sing-off against Carlito Olivero.

This article is for a performance from the November 27, 2013 episode.

Contestant: Josh Levi

Song Choice: Bruno Mars’s “Treasure”

Category: Boys

Mentor: Paulina Rubio


Josh says his grandmother is the rock. This is his first Thanksgiving away from her. He dedicates his song to her. She then shows up as a surprise.

I haven’t really been impressed with this contestant and have considered him to be way overrated. But this was pretty good for the most part. His voice trails off some in spots. But it was a good combination of stage presence and competent vocals overall.

Look here for a YouTube link to Josh Levi’s Top 8 performance of “Treasure” soon after the show is over.

Check out the history of Season 3’s Top 12 below.

Judge Comments On Josh’s Top 8 Performance:

Kelly said he finally let us in. She was like a star. Demi talked about it being cute and rambled about other stuff. Simon said he must be drinking a lot of energy drinks cause he was jumping on everything. But make sure the choreography doesn’t date you. Don’t get too theatrical. Paulina said everything was great about the performance. She’s really into him.

Here were my original power rankings, which did not include Josh Levi because he was a surprise wildcard.

1. Restless Road – Team Simon Cowell

2. Lillie McCloud – Team Kelly Rowland

3. Alex And Sierra – Team Simon Cowell

4. Rion Paige – Team Demi Lovato

5. Jeff Gutt – Team Kelly Rowland

6. Ellona Santiago – Team Demi Lovato

7. Rachel Potter – Team Kelly Rowland – eliminated in 11th place by judges after sing-off against Khaya Cohen

8. Tim Olstad – Team Paulina Rubio – eliminated in 9th place by judges after sing-off against Carlito Olivero

9. Carlos Guevara – Team Paulina Rubio – eliminated in 13th place

10. Carlito Olivero – Team Paulina Rubio – won sing-off in Top 10 against Tim

11. Khaya Cohen – Team Demi Lovato – won sing-off against Rachel Potter, then eliminated the next week in 10th place

12. Sweet Suspense – Team Simon Cowell – eliminated in 12th place

Although I am keeping my original rankings here, it looks like Alex & Sierra are the biggest jumpers since the top 12 started. And I already had them ranked 3rd. Josh Levi was the wildcard, so I didn’t have him ranked. He has a good chance of making the top 5 at this point.

My rankings have been pretty good. If you look at them, the top 6 are all still alive, and the bottom 6 are all gone except for Carlito, who just had to win a sing-off to avoid elimination.

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