YouTube Video: US X Factor 3 Top 6 Performance Of Alex & Sierra – “Say Something” (December 4, 2013)

There are now 6 contestants left in Season 3 of the U.S. X Factor. There were some pretty surprising eliminations in the Top 8 results show, which was on Thanksgiving last week. Lillie McCloud, an early favorite, finished dead last in voting and was eliminated in 8th place. We know that Josh Levi was 7th in voting because the judges sent it to deadlock between Josh and Rion Paige. And Rion was 6th in the public vote, while Josh was sent home in 7th.

The performance detailed below aired live on the December 4, 2013 episode.

Contestant: Alex & Sierra

Song Choice: A Great Big World And Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something”

Category: Groups

Mentor: Simon Cowell


This was the next to last performance of the night. This was probably the showstopper, along with Jeff. Sierra played the piano, and Alex played the guitar.

Check this space for a YouTube video link to Alex & Sierra’s Top 6 performance of “Say Something” soon after the show is over.

Check out the history of Season 3’s Top 12 below.

Judge Comments On Alex & Sierra’s Top 6 Performance:

The judges gave this a standing ovation. Simon said it was his favorite performance of the whole season. It was outstanding. Paulina and Demi loves their sexy and romantic vibe.

Here were my original power rankings, which did not include Josh Levi because he was a surprise wildcard.

1. Restless Road – Team Simon Cowell

2. Lillie McCloud – Team Kelly Rowland – eliminated in 8th place

3. Alex And Sierra – Team Simon Cowell

4. Rion Paige – Team Demi Lovato

5. Jeff Gutt – Team Kelly Rowland

6. Ellona Santiago – Team Demi Lovato

7. Rachel Potter – Team Kelly Rowland – eliminated in 11th place by judges after sing-off against Khaya Cohen

8. Tim Olstad – Team Paulina Rubio – eliminated in 9th place by judges after sing-off against Carlito Olivero

9. Carlos Guevara – Team Paulina Rubio – eliminated in 13th place

10. Carlito Olivero – Team Paulina Rubio – won sing-off in Top 10 against Tim

11. Khaya Cohen – Team Demi Lovato – won sing-off against Rachel Potter, then eliminated the next week in 10th place

12. Sweet Suspense – Team Simon Cowell – eliminated in 12th place

So with 6 left, 5 of my original top 6 are still alive in the competition. Lillie apparently just couldn’t muster a big enough fan base to match her considerable vocal talent. Carlito is the surprise survivor, but he was saved once by the judges. And he almost certainly is not a top vote getter.

If I were to switch up the rankings now, there is no doubt I would make Alex & Sierra, Ellona, and Jeff higher, and Restless Road and possibly Rion lower.

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