YouTube Video: US X Factor 3 – Lilly McCloud – “Alabaster Box” Audition, Spoilers, And Predictions (September 11, 2013)

WARNING: I am posting some spoilers on this contestant below. Don’t read the Spoilers section below unless you want to know whether this singer made the live shows for X Factor 3.

Lilly McCloud was probably the biggest standout on the premiere episode of the Season 3 of the US X Factor. This episode aired on September 11, 2013.

Lilly sang the Cece Winans song, “Alabaster Box.” She is 54 years old and has 3 kids and 7 grandchildren. Lilly is originally from Rochester, New York. But she said on X Factor that she is currently living in Orlando, Florida.

McCloud got a great reaction from the judges and the audience. And she got 4 enthusiastic YES votes from the judges. So Lilly is off to the next round of the competition.

I found this song choice to be really boring. It’s such a slow gospel song with no catchy rhythm to it. And the vocals seem somewhat overrated to me. I was not blown away but definitely though that Lilly did a good job and deserved to advance in the competition.


I have read online that Lilly McCloud, who is in the Over 25 category, was chosen to advance to the live shows. This was from someone who attended a live taping. At that taping, the judges chose 4 contestants in each category. A person who attended this taping reported that Lilly was one of the 4 picked in the Over 25 category to participate in the live shows.

Spoilers indicate that Kelly Rowland is the mentor for the Over 25 category.

So based on that, it would obviously be easy to give the prediction that McCloud will make the live shows. But will she win? I would guess no at this point unless I see some better song choices. Let’s see if her voice holds up when she takes on a more challenging song. Lilly certainly has some pipes. But I wasn’t really that impressed with her vocal tone. Is she better than Judith Hill, who couldn’t even finish in the top 8 on The Voice? She’s not even close from what I have seen so far. Is she better than Stacy Francis, who finished in like 10th on X Factor’s Season 1? Not in my opinion so far. However, she has a pretty likable personality that could take her to at least the top 5. Stacy’s problem was people simply didn’t like her. It seems already that people at least want to root for McCloud.

YouTube Video For Lilly’s X Factor Audition Of “Alabaster Box”

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