YouTube Video: US X Factor 3 Audition And Predictions For Lillie McCloud’s “Alabaster Box” (September 11, 2013)

Contestant: Lillie McCloud

Song Choice: Cece Winans’ “Alabaster Box”

I don’t like the pacing of this song. But she had some good parts and had good control and power throughout. I don’t think this was very unique. But it got a good reaction from the judges and the audience.

The 3rd season of the US version of X Factor premiered on September 11, 2013. As usual, there are some initial auditions, followed by live rounds.

There are some major changes on the judges’ panel for Season 3. L.A. Reid is out, and Kelly Rowland is in. Britney Spears is also gone, and Paulina Rubio has taken her place. Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato have returned as judge-mentors.

Lillie McCloud auditioned on the September 11, 2013 episode with a performance of Cece Winans’ “Alabaster Box.” I will add the YouTube video for this performance as soon as it is available on the X Factor’s official channel.

Judges’ Comments on Lillie’s Audition:

She got a standing ovation from all 4 judges.

The judges exaggerated plenty enough for this one. Demi even said she’d love to take the Over 25 category in heartbeat. Simon loved her, and Paulina and Kelly gushed over her.

Quick Predictions:

This one seems pretty likaable, unlike the Stacy Francis types. But I don’t think she sings as well as that. She may go far, though. It’s clear that the mentors loved her.

Audition Results:

Lillie got 4 YES votes from the judges.

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