YouTube Video: US X Factor 3 4-Chair Challenge Audition And Results For Lilly McCloud’s “A House Is Not A Home” (October 2, 2013)

Contestant: Lilly McCloud

Song Choice: “A House Is Not A Home”

Category: Over 25

Mentor: Kelly Rowland

She is a 54-year-old grandmother of 7 and mother of 3. This was probably the best 4-chair audition among the Over 25 group. She nailed it.

I will add the YouTube video for Lilly’s performance of “A House Is Not A Home” as soon as it is available.

The 3rd season of the US version of X Factor premiered on September 11, 2013. The initial city auditions are over, and the show has reached the top 40. That means there are 10 acts left in each category of Boys, Girls, Groups, and Overs.

Here are the mentors and their categories for Season 3 of the US X Factor:

Demi Lovato – Girls
Paulina Rubio – Boys
Simon Cowell – Groups
Kelly Rowland – Overs

This new phase of auditions is the 4-chair challenge. Once a contestant performs an audition song, he can take a seat in one of only 4 chairs. But once the chairs are full, the judge/mentor has to remove one contestant from a chair to place another contestant in the top 4. So no one is safely in the top 4 in each group until the very last contestant in that category auditions.

Judges’ Comments on Lilly’s Audition:

Demi said she looks like a superstar. She is honored to be on the panel. Paulina says she gives her so much. She is speechless. Simon says he loves Lilly. Simon says she has the X factor. The competition needs big voices and stars.

4-Chair Challenge Results For Lilly McCloud:

Kelly gave Lilly the last remaining spot in the live rounds. Again, the crowd keeps yelling to get Kelly to send Rachel home. They boo when she eliminates Lorie Moore.

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