YouTube Video: “The Winner Is” Performance Of Senior Sounds Of Touch’s “Get Ready” (vs Douglas Roegiers); July 11, 2013 Preliminary Episode

On June 10, 2013, NBC launched a new show that combines a singing contest with a game show. “The Winner Is” is a combination between a game show and a singing contest.

After two preview episodes, two girls have advanced to the finals. This is not a gender-based show. So it could be all girls or all boys or whatever. It just depends on who wins the 6 preliminary episodes. Here are the finalists so far:

1. Katie Ohh
2. Leah Grace

Of these two, Katie is the overwhelming favorite. But 4 more will make the finals.

The Winner Is had its 3rd episode on July 11, 2013. Senior Sounds Of Touch performed “Get Ready.” I will add the YouTube video for this performance as soon as it is available from the official website. This was the Round 3 sing-off, with the winner advancing to the $1 million finale.

Senior Sounds of Touch’s opponent was Douglas Roegiers, who sang “Ain’t That a Kick In The Head.”

Opinions On The Performances:

Douglas Roegiers was my pick on this one. But I felt it was close. The vote was 60-41.


Douglas cashed out for $50,000 after his own sister recommended that he take the cash. After that, they announced that Senior Sounds Of Touch was the winner of the vote.

Senior Sounds Of Touch advances to the $1 million finale.

Background Information On This Music Game Show:

“The Winner Is…” is like a cross between a game show and a singing contest. Instead of people voting at home, The Winner Is pits two singers against each other, with a studio panel of judges voting. After they perform, the singers can either take some money and go home. Or they can press their luck to go for a bigger win. But if a singer presses his or her luck, that contestant goes home with nothing if he loses the judges’ vote.

There are 101 judges, which means there will be no ties. If the contestant won the vote, then they are off to the next round and are alive for a possible $1 million payday. But a contestant must win 6 of these heads-up sing-offs in a row to win the million dollars. It’s sort of like American Idol meets Deal Or No Deal.

In the finale, 6 winners of 6 different episodes must win their final 3 challenges without cashing out to take home the $1 million.

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