YouTube Video: The Voice 4 Live Playoffs, Top 12: Sarah Simmons’ “The Story” (May 13, 2013)

Note: I will add the YouTube video of this Sarah Simmons performance as soon as it is available from The Voice’s official channel.

Song: Brandi Carlile’s “The Story”

Sarah is so good, but I don’t understand this one weakness she has. Some of her notes are practically inaudible. And this is true even though she has a lot of power and versatility in her voice. This was still a good performance with lots of power. But she still needs to work on that weakness. And she is getting no feedback from the judges over this. They really aren’t doing their jobs here, ignoring an obvious weakness.

Date: May 13, 2013

The Voice has now reached its Top 12 Live Playoffs Round. At the end of tonight’s performances, viewers can vote or buy the iTunes singles. The two contestants with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated. They could be from the same team or different teams. Unless they have a surprise change in format, there are no more saves left. If you hit the bottom 2, you are finished for the season no matter how many votes or sales you got in previous weeks.

Judges’ Comments:

Blake says she has a lot of extremes to her voice that he likes. He thought it was incredible. Shakira said her coach is making great song choices for her. And her charisma and talent was on display. Adam said she has a grit and the diversity to show a softness, as well. He says Sarah is one of the best singers ever on The Voice.


The results show this week is on Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

Predictions Before The Show:

Last week’s results were pretty disappointing for Sarah Simmons. Her iTunes sales (she was up to around 35th) were enough to get to her in the top 2 in Adam’s group. But her other votes must have been lagging because she was in the bottom 2 on Adam’s team. The plus side is she beat Judith Hill in iTunes sales. The negative is that she lost to up-and-coming Amber Carrington.

This week, only two contestants are eliminated. I believe that Sarah needs to build a fanbase real fast to have any shot of winning The Voice 4. But she is such a great singer, I predict she will be around next week and for some time to come.

Sarah Simmons – The Story – YouTube

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