YouTube Video: The Voice 4 Live Playoffs, Round Of 16: Sasha Allen’s “Oh, Darling” (May 6, 2013)

Note: I will add the YouTube video of this Sasha Allen performance as soon as it is available from The Voice’s official channel.

Song: The Beatles’ “Oh, Darling”

Date: May 6, 2013

The Voice 4 has completed all auditions and is now ready for the Live Playoffs. It is now up to the voters to decide whom to send home each week. If it is like last year, the lowest vote getter from each team will be eliminated this week in the Round of 16. Then, the two lowest vote getters overall will be eliminated each week, regardless of which team they are on.

Judges’ Comments On Sasha Allen’s Round Of 16 Performance:

Adam said he lost her, but she can still win this show. Blake made fun of Adam. He then said everyone who saw that Sasha performance fell in love with her. Shakira really exaggerated, saying Allen is one of the best singers she has ever heard. LOL. We don’t need these annoying exaggerations. Usher rambled about something and then said he likes Sasha’s outfit.


The results show this week is on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. There is a second performance show on Tuesday, May 7, 2013. That is to make time to show all the live performances for 16 contestants.

Predictions Before The Show:

Sasha Allen appears to be the brightest spot on a team that is pretty average. She is the only one with any decent chance of winning. But even then, I doubt that she has much of a chance. The problem is, Judith Hill is like a better version of Sasha. So why vote for Sasha in a Top 6 or Top 4 when you already have Judith?

Teammate Garrett Gardner is likely to advance this week with Sasha. Both are likely to get quite a few votes. That leaves Karina Iglesias and Kris Thomas as the two most at risk of elimination on Shakira’s team. If I am forced to predict, I would say that Kris Thomas will be eliminated. Sasha Allen would have to pass out before singing to be eliminated this week.

Thoughts After Performance:

Sasha sang last on this episode to close the show. Of course, she is going to make it to next week with that singing order.

This singer is still overrated. She tries to be unique, but it results in choppy, odd interpretations. But she deserves to advance for now for having a powerful voice and pretty good vocal tone, as well.

Sasha Allen – Oh, Darling – YouTube

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