YouTube Video: The Voice 4 Knockout Rounds: Danielle Bradbery’s “Jesus Take The Wheel” (vs Taylor Beckham)

The Voice 4 has completed its Blind Auditions and Battle Round. The next phase of the competition is the Knockout Round. Each team currently has 8 contestants. In the Knockout Round, the judges match up these contestants into 4 groups of 2. One singer from each group wins, and the other goes home. There is no judges’ save in this round.

Contestants who win their Knockout then enter the live shows. If it is like Season 3, two contestants will be eliminated each week in the live shows. There could be some modifications this season.

Danielle Bradbery performed on the first episode of the Knockout Round for The Voice 4. It aired on April 29, 2013. The YouTube video for this performance will be added as soon as it is available.

Danielle sang Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take The Wheel.” Her opponent was Taylor Beckham.

Judges’ Comments:

Usher said it was not a good song choice. It didn’t have enough space. It was great at the end of the song, though. He thought Danielle took control and won. Shakira says Danielle never seems nervous even though she is a beginner. Adam would pick Danielle, too. She is a natural.


Blake thinks Taylor is amazing. But she did better in rehearsal. Danielle did better in the lower register. Blake chose Danielle as the winner of this knockout.


Neither of these singers is even close to being ready to win The Voice. It doesn’t matter who wins. Taylor didn’t even deserve to be stolen. That steal by Blake didn’t even make sense. Meanwhile, better singers were not saved.

Danielle vs Taylor YouTube

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