YouTube Video: Josh JDA Davila’s Performance Of Adele’s “Rumour Has It” In American Idol 12’s Las Vegas Audition Round

Contestant: Josh JDA Davila

Song: Adele’s “Rumour Has It”

JDA says he is the star of his own life – the producer, director, and everything. His vocal tone is pretty annoying, though. This guy has no chance to win ever.

Pre-Show Prediction:

JDA is the contestant who is competing on the guys’ side but dresses like a girl. I think he identifies himself as “androgynous” but appears to prefer women’s clothing. But when forced to pick a gender for this show, he was in the boys’ Hollywood Week, wearing a veil at some point.

JDA’s singing hasn’t been shown much. The bit that has been aired only seemed mildly impressive to me. This contestant is definitely not a favorite and appears to be there to spice up the variety from what I have seen so far.

I only give JDA a small chance of making it past the Top 40 and advancing to the Top 20 live voting round. He is mainly competing against Devin, Jimmy Smith (or Paul Jolley if the producers make Jimmy the country pick), and Johnny Keyser, for two of the 5 spots. That is because Charlie, Curtis, and either Jimmy or Paul (likely Paul) are definitely getting into the Top 20 barring unforeseen circumstances. My prediction is that it is going to take an unexpectedly great performance or a shock-value selection for JDA to advance.


Note: I will add the official YouTube video of JDA’s Top 40 performance of “Rumour Has It” after Idol uploads it to the show’s channel. This will probably take until a few hours after the show.

American Idol 12 is entering the Las Vegas round. This is still an audition and not a public voting round. But unlike other seasons, the contestants will be giving a full performance in front of a live audience in Las Vegas.

There are 4 episodes of 10 contestants for this round. The judges are picking half of those 10 each episode. Thus, the Top 40 becomes the Top 20 for next round.

Crowd Reaction:

He had one of the best audience reactions.

Judges’ Thoughts On Josh JDA Davila’s Las Vegas Performance:

Keith thought it felt choreographed. But he thought he was original. Nicki said to work it. JDA said he is representing for the gays. Nicki says he is a superstar performer. She said something about connecting with the audience. But she said his vocal was whiny and not that good. Randy said he is a great performer, but he has to focus on the vocals because it is a singing competition. Randy said the moves were not original. Mariah said he was confident and was not wavering vocally. He had high confidence.


JDA was eliminated from American Idol 12 this round.

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