YouTube Video For Troy Durden – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Troy auditioned in Boston, Massachusetts. He lives there and is 29. Troy came out like a joke contestant, twerking and all. He tried to get Jennifer Lopez to join in, but she said she didn’t have the right clothes. But when he sang, he was actually a decent singer. It wasn’t the best performance of this song I have heard – not even close. But it was surprisingly good. The judges then had Troy sing and twerk at the same time.

The judges said it just might twerk.

Harry, Keith, and Jennifer had fun watching Durden’s audition. They did all send him through to Hollywood but didn’t seem overly confident in his chances. Based on their lack or excitement over his actual singing, I’d say Troy has an uphill battle at this point. His comedic style has never worked well on this show, either, when it comes to getting votes.

YouTube Video – Troy Durden – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (link added after Idol puts it on their channel)

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