YouTube Video For Taylor Hildack – “Before He Cheats” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Taylor Hildack auditioned on the first episode of American Idol 13. It was broadcast on January 15, 2013. She sang Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” It was certainly an okay performance with some decent power. But as seen below, the judges just weren’t impressed with the other aspects of her singing.

Jennifer thinks the voice is strong, but Keith says the range is not so great. Harry says she needs some practice, but there is grating quality to it. Harry ended up saying NO because her voice just isn’t strong enough. Keith also said NO. Jennifer was the only one who voted to send Taylor to Hollywood. She thought the guys made a mistake. Harry says you have to have some technique to make it, and he doesn’t think Hildack had it.

Hildack is eliminated for Season 13. Something tells me she won’t be back.

I’ll add a link here to Taylor’s YouTube video of her “Before He Cheats” audition after Idol puts it online.

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