YouTube Video For Stephanie Hanvey – “Price Tag” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Stephanie Hanvey is 16 years old. She idolizes Jennifer Lopez and made that rather clear during her audition session. She was on the first episode of Season 13 (Jan. 15, 2014). Stephanie sang Jesse J’s “Price Tag.” It honestly lacked the power of the original and didn’t do much to replace that.

Harry said Hanvey has a great way of performing, but the voice needs some work. Harry said pretty much the same thing. Jennifer said she could use some work, and there was something missing emotionally.

There was a commercial break, and Jennifer said she’d like to see Stephanie at least one more time. Keith said YES, so that was enough to send Hanvey to Hollywood. Harry said that he would have said YES, too.

I’m not sure why this contestant was even given a chance. It appears that her voice simply isn’t strong enough to compete at the next audition stage.

YouTube Video – Stephanie Hanvey – Jesse J’s “Price Tag” (not sure when it will be uploaded)

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