YouTube Video For Savion Wright – “Both Sides Of Me” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Savion Wright is from Jasper, Texas. His little backstory is that he has ADHD. That caused some problems in school, but music has helped him. His parents bought him a guitar.

Savion sang an original song that he said he wrote. I think it is called “Both Sides Of Me,” and he also played the guitar.

Harry said that the other contestants will be intimidated by Savion. So he will need to learn how to be nice to people. He was also impressed that Savion had waited to audition until he felt he was actually ready for the competition. He likes a mind that thinks like that.

Jennifer and Keith psyched out Wright by saying NO. But they then sent him to Hollywood with a unanimous vote.

YouTube Video – Savion Wright – “Both Sides Of Me” (Original Song) – American Idol 13 Initial Audition (this will be added after the show includes it in their official Idol channel)

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