YouTube Video For Munfarid Zaidi – “Crazy For You” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Munfarid Zaidi is now from Sugarland, Texas. But he was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He auditioned on the first episode of Season 13 of American Idol. That show aired on January 15, 2014.

Munfarid actually can sing and had a pretty good audition with Adele’s “Crazy For You.” But for whatever reason, there was little focus on his singing from the judges. It became more about Harry Connick, Jr. They had been making fun of Harry, showing clips of contestants who didn’t even know who he was. So in walks Munfarid, who says he is always reading Harry’s Wikipedia page. So Connick goes over and picks him up and hugs him.

The other judges dare Harry to hold Zaidi while he sings. But he tells Zaidi to sing first and blow him away. He will then cradle him like a baby. So Munfarid delivers his audition, and it’s a solid jazzy kind of style. So Harry then goes over and holds him like a baby while he sings another song.

After all that, we find out for sure that Munfarid has made it to Hollywood.

Every time a contestant’s audition turns into a silly (but funny) mess like this one, you have to fear for their chances in Hollywood. Just based on the way it was all edited, he could be in trouble in the next round.

YouTube Video For Munfarid Zaidi’s Audition On American Idol 13 – Adele’s “Crazy For You”

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