YouTube Video For Marielle Sellers – “Grenade” – American Idol 13 Auditions

When asked to say something encouraging before going in to audition, Marielle said, “A game.”

Marielle Sellers was the first singer to audition on Season 13 of American Idol. She is 17 years old. Marielle sang Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.”

Harry Connick said she would be a nightmare for the other contestants. Jennifer Lopez said that she had a beautiful tone, and Keith Urban remarked that he loved it. Keith ripped off one-third of a golden ticket, and then he and the other judges presented the whole ticket to Marielle. She was a unanimous choice to go to Hollywood.

Marielle played the guitar while singing. She didn’t really show that much power. At the same time, it seems like the show was teasing her as a possible favorite.

Here, you can see Marielle’s YouTube video for her “Grenade” audition after it is uploaded to their official channel.

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