YouTube Video For Madelyn Patterson – “Up To The Mountain” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Madelyn Patterson is from Georgia. She auditioned on American Idol 13’s first episode, on January 15, 2014. Madelyn auditioned with “Up To The Mountain.” After finishing, Jennifer said not to say anything. But Harry asked Madelyn if she wanted to sing something else. And Keith asked her if she knew how to dance. Jennifer finally said they should just vote. She and Keith said YES, and that was enough to send Patterson to Hollywood.

Harry was trying to get a word in edge wise, but Jennifer already gave Patterson her golden ticket. Harry then said he just wanted to give her some advice. By that time, he just said she would hear his advice in Hollywood. Apparently, Connick thought that she may have focused a bit too much on doing runs.

After Patterson left the room, Harry said Jennifer and Keith go nuts after the slightest little run. They then showed them “ooh”ing over some of Madelyn’s runs. At any rate, Patterson has advanced to the next round of Season 13.

YouTube Video For Madelyn’s “Up To The Mountain” – American Idol 13

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