YouTube Video For Kaitlyn Jackson – “Another Angel” – American Idol 13 Auditions

Kaitlyn Jackson is 15. She sang her own song on the premiere audition episode of American Idol 13. She performed a pretty good original song that she said she wrote. It’s called “Another Angel.” Kaitlyn wrote the song about her grandfather, who had had a heart attack on the day that she opened for Mark Wills. He was saved that day, but Granddad died before getting to hear “Another Angel.”

I’m not sure what the judges thought of Jackson’s actual singing because we didn’t hear any comments about that. But they were raving about her song and seemed moved by her backstory. Harry said her grandfather is hearing the song now (from heaven).

Harry loved it 100%. He said she is smart, and it will be fun watching her from week to week. Jennifer said she has heart. Kaitlyn got 3 YES votes from the judges for Hollywood.

It is not clear yet whether Jackson will be able to sing covers well. This time, the song sold it for her. But she can’t do an original every time.

YouTube Video For Kaitlyn’s “Another Angel” – American Idol 13 Auditions

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