YouTube Video For James Earl – “Everything In Life” – American Idol 13 Auditions

James Earl came out and mumbled the whole time he was talking to the camera and then to the judges. Harry said he is one of the coolest guys he has met in a long time.

James Earl sang his own song, “Everything In Life.” But the voice was really weak. It was like a low-volume impersonation of Michael Jackson or something. Then, he went for some low notes, and they were pretty bad, too.

The judges weren’t impressed with him as a singer. So James told a joke. “Why did the dog go in the water? Cause he didn’t want to be a hot dog.” Harry Connick said he thinks comedy is James’s calling.

In the end, it became apparent that the judges just weren’t into his voice. They showed Harry and Keith saying NO. So Jennifer didn’t have to vote. They didn’t show the judges commenting on the song, “Everything In Life.”

Earl is eliminated and is not going to the Hollywood rounds. And it seems like his original song wasn’t catchy enough to give him a chance.

YouTube Video – James Earl’s “Everything In Life” From American Idol 13 (link added as soon as possible)

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