YouTube Video For America’s Got Talent 7 (2012) – William Close Earth Harp Audition

William Close introduced the “earth harp” to America in his Los Angeles audition for America’s Got Talent 7. This is one of the most unique musical acts I have seen on AGT. The pacing and song choices could potentially be a problem, but the overall audition was very entertaining. William got three YESES from the judges and has made it to the Las Vegas round. My best guess is he will make the voting rounds and have a chance for the Top 10 or even the finale.

You can see William Close’s earth harp in the YouTube video below. It stretches out across the theater for dozens of yards and sounds like a violin when he plays it. The video of William’s audition is getting high YouTube statistics and ratings in the early going. So far, the video has almost 82,000 visitor views, 909 Likes, and only 8 Dislikes.

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