YouTube Video For America’s Got Talent 7 (2012) – Pole Dancer Lulu

Lulu is a 27-year-old mom and working account clerk. She has a dream of being a dancer. The thing is, Lulu is quite overweight, and that does limit her movement to some degree.

Lulu comes out and does pole dancing at her America’s Got Talent 7 audition, which took place in Austin, Texas. The episode with Lulu aired on Monday, June 4, 2012. ¬†You can see the YouTube video of her audition below.

This cracked me up. She does not have the grace of movement necessary to be a polished dancer, but it was fun watching her, anyhow. I used to get upset at these kinds of auditions, as it is clear Lulu is not at the right level to have any chance of winning America’s Got Talent. But AGT airs these for fun, not to show talent. So I just roll with it and enjoy it for what it is.

Lulu did do the splits, which was surprising for someone her size. But the actual act was a bit slow and plodding. Nick did his usual thing by making the act even more of a joke after the judges said NO to Las Vegas. He came out and took off his shirt to show a bikini top and danced on the pole with Lulu.

This is the last we will see of Lulu. She did not make it to the next round. So far, the YouTube video of this performance has average statistics and ratings. It has 44 Likes and 13 Dislikes.

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