YouTube Video For America’s Got Talent 7 (2012) – Opera Singer Andrew De Leon

Andrew De Leon auditioned for the 7th season of America’s Got Talent in Austin, Texas. His audition was shown on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. You can see the YouTube video of Andrew’s audition below.

This was the last performance on De Leon’s episode, and it was very successful. He said he had never given a performance ever before. You couldn’t tell from his vocals, which were excellent. He also had the surprise factor by coming out in a goth look and then suddenly singing opera.

Andrew has a pretty good chance of going deep in the competition. But Luiz Meneghin also sang well and seems to be a bit more seasoned than Andrew. So we will have to see if the judges want both of them for the voting rounds or decide to pick just one.

The YouTube video for Andrew De Leon’s opera audition has good user ratings so far.  40 users have given it a Like, with only 3 giving a Dislike. It is too early to give viewer statistics because it has been less than an hour since this video was uploaded.

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