YouTube Video: Curtis Finch, Jr.’s Performance Of R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” In American Idol 12 Top 20 Boys’ Episode (March 6, 2013)

Contestant: Curtis Finch, Jr.

Song: R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”

What a cliched song choice. He sang well in parts, but this wasn’t close to his previous performances in my opinion. The interpretation on this one probably took some of the emotion out of it. And he seems so self-centered in every interview. The guy can’t win.

Pre-Show Prediction:

Finch has sailed through to the Top 20 because he is objectively one of the best singers in Season 12. But the personality aspect presents a problem. He has not come across as humble at all. For that reason, a lot of people think he will be eliminated in the Top 20. I am going to predict, however, that he has done enough to make it to at least the Top 10 this year. However, he may need the help of a wildcard if that comes to pass. Finch won’t win the contest. But he will certainly provide it with some of the best vocal performances for as long as he sticks around.

Note: I will add the official YouTube video of Curtis’s Top 20 performance of “I Believe I Can Fly” after Idol uploads it to the show’s channel. The show usually completes that process within a few hours.

Finch has made it to the Top 20 for Season 12. This is a gender-based Top 20, with 10 boys competing against each other and 10 girls separately competing. The boys’ Top 10 aired on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. This is the first live show of the season. 5 of these 10 guys will advance by public vote to the Top 10. The same goes for the girls on the March 5, 2013 episode. All results will be announced on the March 7 results show. There may or may not be wildcards. But the 5 who do not get through on the vote are eliminated permanently unless they are saved by the judges as a wildcard.

Crowd Reaction:

The audience had a good reaction to this performance.

Judges’ Thoughts On Curtis Finch’s Top 20 Performance:

Keith said he has a lot of confidence, and the crowd obviously loved it. Nicki said he has a higher calling to sing for people. She tries to preach or something, but it was like frothing at the mouth. Randy said it was a great song. He thinks this is the beginning of the competition here. These comments are expected but quite over the top. But he likely deserves to advance, though. Maybe he can get the votes this time. Mariah hopes he gets votes.


Thursday’s results will reveal whether Finch has made the Top 10. Expect him to get a wildcard if he doesn’t get the votes.

About 18 hours after this video was uploaded, it had one of the highest statistics counts in viewers and a pretty good user rating, as well. The viewer count was about 13,000 for Curtis. And he had 428 Likes and 170 Dislikes.

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