YouTube Video: America’s Got Talent 8 – Top 6 Finals – Opera Trio, Forte’s “The Prayer” (September 17, 2013)

Act: Forte

Genre: This is the opera trio that is made up of 3 guys. One is Puerto Rican, one is Sri Lankan, and the other I believe is Italian.

Live Blogging Notes:

This is Forte’s first performance of the night of their 2 performances. It is the 5th overall of 12 performances in this finale. They are singing “The Prayer,” which is the song they performed in their Las Vegas audition. This was another solid performance from the guys. I do prefer to have a girl in the mix for this song. But they can’t just add a girl to the group.

America’s Got Talent 8 has reached its final week. There are 6 contestants left, and it’s all up to voters now to decide who wins one million dollars. The final performance episode is on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. Then, the grand finale results show is on September 18, 2013. That is when the new million-dollar winner will be revealed.

I will link to the official YouTube video for Forte’s Top 6 finals performance of “The Prayer” as soon as it has been uploaded onto AGT’s official channel.

Judges’ Comments On Forte’s Performance:

Mel B said, “Wow, wow, wow.” She is now a big lover of opera. People have to vote. Howie said he didn’t stand because a lot of the act was string instruments and other stuff. But others like Kenichi or Taylor Williamson act alone. Howard thought Forte were the favorites. But he isn’t sure anymore. Heidi said she is a huge fan. She would buy their CD or see them in Vegas.

Forte Predictions Before The Show Airs:

I have ranked Forte #2 heading into this Top 6 final week. Opera does very well in voting on America’s Got Talent in general. And although no opera group has made the top 3 (solo singers have done better), Forte has essentially taken out Jonathan Allen and Branden James, who were both solo opera singers in Season 8. So here they are in the finals. I do think Forte has a better chance of winning than the Texas Tenors. They are much better than those guys were and simply seem more genuine. On the other hand, you have to consider that a solo act almost always wins America’s Got Talent. Weighing everything up, I won’t be surprised if Forte wins. But I have ranked them 2nd before seeing the live finale performances.

Predictions And Rankings For The Top 6 Finale:

As long as people are willing to vote in large numbers for a foreigner (Japanese guy) like Kenichi, then I think he will win. But certainly some percentage may feel that at least some of the million is going overseas and would prefer that the money stay here. That is not the way I think. But I know some Americans might not vote for Ebina for that reason. I’d like to think that is a small percentage, though. So before the show airs, I am still ranking Kenichi #1.

Forte has been consistent and probably deserves a #2 ranking. It starts to get more difficult here, though, because the other acts have been a bit inconsistent. I am only ranking Collins Key #3 because he seems to get the votes no matter what he does. His status as a favorite seems to have been locked up from the very beginning. Howard is right that his pacing is an issue.

At this point, I wouldn’t even be shocked if Jimmy Rose wins. He is the least deserving of being here. I only rank him 4th because he fits the demographic. In fact, he fits it so well that he could pull an upset win.

I have never considered Cami Bradley a favorite. She has been pretty consistent, but I consider it consistent above average, not consistently great. So I ranked her 5th before the finals air.

Taylor has been my second favorite. He has been just a little inconsistent. It is a little surprising that he ended up making the top 6. I think it’s going to be very difficult for a comedian to compete in this top 6. You can laugh and laugh. But will it be as impressive or moving as Kenichi? I doubt it.

1. Kenichi Ebina
2. Forte
3. Collins Key
4. Jimmy Rose
5. Cami Bradley
6. Taylor Williamson

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