YouTube Video: America’s Got Talent 8 (2013) Top 60 Performance (Week 2 Quarterfinals): Rapper Tone The Chiefrocca Sings “BOOTY” Again (July 30, 2013)

Act: Tone The Chiefrocca

Genre: Rapper

LOL. He actually sang “BOOTY” again. I thought the one-hit-wonder wish was a joke. But he apparently really has only one song.

America’s Got Talent has a quarterfinals this year with 60 acts instead of 48. So instead of a special week for YouTube acts, AGT has 5 quarterfinal weeks with 12 acts each.

The second week of this Top 60 aired on July 30, 2014. The results show is on July 31. Only 4 acts will make it to the semifinals. 3 go through strictly on the public vote. Among the 4th and 5th acts in voting, a majority vote by the judges will send one through. But if it’s deadlocked, it goes back to the public vote, and the 4th place vote getter advances. Below, you can see my pre-show ranking of all 12 acts in Week 2. You can also see a list of the full Top 60 for AGT 8 by clicking the link below.

Tone The Chiefrocca is a rapper who performed during this second quarterfinals week. I will include a link to the YouTube video for Tone’s Top 60 performance as soon as it is added to the show’s official channel.

Judges’ Comments On Tone The Chiefrocca’s Performance:

Heidi enjoyed it again. It’s really a one-hit wonder. Mel B said you have to enjoy it. She has a big booty, herself. Howie thinks this should already be a hit. Howard gets up at 4 in the morning. This woke him up. He wants one hit song. Howard says “BOOTY” is fun, but you have to take it to the next level. This whole segment was fluff. Having gone last and hearing this nonsense from the judges, Tone The Chiefrocca may actually advance to the semifinals now.

Predictions Before Performances Air:

This is the guy who sang the “B Double O T Y” song for his first audition. That was a pretty catchy tune, which is likely what got him to this round. But will he have another song with a great hook to reel in the voters for the quarterfinals. My guess is he won’t. He is probably going to be a one-hit wonder, like another Burton Crane. That’s the guy from last year who sang “Whatcha Gonna Do.” But once that one catchy tune was used up, the magic was gone. Besides that, rappers have never done well on AGT. And I can’t see why this guy is going to buck the trend. Simply put, he won’t advance past the Top 60 unless he has one more song with a really catchy hook to it.

Click here to see the results for which 60 acts made it to the live shows of AGT 8, to be held at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall.

Here are the 12 Week 2 acts for the Top 60. These are my pre-show rankings, and I expect some changes after we see the performances. With 60 acts, it’s not easy to spot all of the producers’ favorites.

1. Marty Brown (country singer)
2. Forte (Opera Trio)
3. Ciana Pelekia (Girl Singer)
4. Angela Hoover (Comedian And Impressionist)
5. Alexandr Magala (Sword Swallowing And Pole Dancing)
6. Innovative Force (Girl Dance Troupe)
7. Kid The Wiz (Breakdancer With Hat Tricks)
8. Dave Shirley (Comedian)
9. Struck Boyz (Boy Dance Troupe)
10. Tone The Chiefrocca (Rapper)
11. The Aquanuts (Synchronized Swimmers)
12. Brad Byers (Sword Swallower)

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