YouTube Video: America’s Got Talent 8 (2013) Top 60 Performance (Quarterfinals, Week 3): Jim Meskimen (August 6, 2013)

Act: Jim Meskimen

Genre: Comedy And Impressions

Haha. Marion Ross, Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days, is Jim’s mom. She was in the audience tonight.

These impressions were mostly not very good. It didn’t sound like most of the real people. Some of them included Robert Downey, Jr., George Clooney, Robin Williams, and Jay Leno. The stage presence was good, though.

America’s Got Talent has a quarterfinals this year with 60 total acts. There is no YouTube special. So AGT has 5 quarterfinal weeks for Season 8. Each of these performance episodes has 12 acts.

The 3rd quarterfinals week aired on Tuesday, August 6, 2013. The results show is on August 7. 4 of the acts that I have ranked below will make it to the semifinals. 3 advance automatically on the public vote. Among the 4th and 5th acts in voting, a majority vote by the judges will send one through. But if it’s deadlocked, it goes back to the public vote, and the act with the 4th most public votes goes to the semifinals. You can also see a list of the full Top 60 for AGT 8 by clicking the link below.

Jim Meskimen is a comedian and impressionist who performed during this third Top 60 week. I will include a link to the YouTube video for Meskimen’s quarterfinals performance as soon as it is added to the show’s official channel.

Judges’ Comments On Jim Meskimen’s Performance:

Mel B and Heidi basically just said that they liked it. Howie says he laughed and thought that Meskimen adapted well under pressure. Howard wasn’t that impressed with the comedy element of the performance.

Predictions Before Performances Air:

I have ranked this act 12th of this week’s 12 acts. However, that doesn’t mean I think he is terrible. But the little I have seen of him did not leave me laughing and wanting more. I was not that impressed with his material. But the Robert De Niro impersonation was good. I don’t think Jim will advance because Angela Hoover already advanced last week. He will likely get lackluster reviews from the judges, making it difficult for him to advance past the quarterfinals.

Click here to see the results for which 60 acts made it to the live shows of AGT 8, to be held at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall.

Here are the 12 Week 3 acts for the Top 60. These are my pre-show rankings, and there is always some shuffling around after the live performances. Some acts totally bomb, while others surprisingly deliver. Some acts also get a very positive pimping by the judges. And others are depimped big time.

1. Kenichi Ebina (robot And breakdancing, Matrix moves, Etc.)
2. Jonathan Allen (opera singer)
3. Kelsey & Bailey (dog dancing act)
4. Brandon & Savannah (teen family band)
5. Chicago Boyz (dance and acrobatics troupe)
6. The American Military Spouses Choir
7. Mitsi School of Dancing (Chinese folk dancing)
8. Deanna DellaCioppa (singer)
9. Illusionist Leon Ettiene & Romy Low (magic act)
10. Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show (some type of circus act using a huge balloon)
11. David “The Cobra Kid” Leathers (danger act with snakes)
12. Jim Meskimen (comedy and impressions)

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