YouTube Video: American Idol 13 (2014) Spoilers, Audition, And Predictions For C.J. (Caleb) Harris

The Idol Pad reported that C.J. Harris is one of the top 15 male contestants on American Idol 13. That makes him part of the Top 30. He may also go by Caleb Harris.

The 13th season of American Idol premieres on Wednesday, January 15, 2013. Keith Urban is returning as a judge from his first season last year. Jennifer Lopez is coming back after taking one season off. Harry Connick Jr. is a new judge for the first time in Season 13. Randy Jackson is now the in-house mentor, and Jimmy Iovine is out.

A site called The Idol Pad has released spoilers in the past, and they have been a reliable source thus far. This and all other 30 spoiler articles I am writing are based on the list that The Idol Pad provided. Of course, there is no absolute guarantee that contestants listed here will actually make it. Singers can pretty much be eliminated at any time and for any reason. With that said, you can check out the full list of Top 30 spoilers for American Idol 13 here.

Contestant: C.J. Harris


At least before seeing some auditions on TV, I put C.J.’s chances of advancing deep in the competition as pretty low. He seems to want to be a country singer, and there are just so many of them this year that it will be hard to stand out. Then again, we really don’t know what direction he is going to go once he is on the show. He could surprise us.


I will add the YouTube video for C.J. Harris’s audition as soon as it airs on American Idol.

Background Information And Music Video Links:

Here is C.J. Harris’s YouTube channel. He sings a variety of songs from different genres on his channel, including, among others, Hunter Hayes’s “Wanted,” David Nail’s “Let It Rain,” and Bruno Mars’s “Grenade.”

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