YouTube Video: American Idol 11 (2012) Finale Results Show Duet With Jessica and Philip – “Up Where We Belong”

The American Idol 11 finale results show took place on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. Just before the announcement of winner Philip Phillips, Philip and Jessica Sanchez sang their first duet of the season.

They performed “Up Where We Belong.” These two don’t seem very close, but that’s kind of to be expected when you consider the age difference. Jessica is 16 and was the only one going to school this year among the Top 12 Idol contestants.

You can see the YouTube video of Philip and Jessica’s “Up Where We Belong” below. In less than one day after it was uploaded, it has statistics totalling about 12,000 visitor views and a user rating of 549 Likes to only 11 Dislikes. The Dislikes would have been much higher, but Jessica’s fans couldn’t troll this Philip video since Jessica was in the duet. :)

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