YouTube Trending Viral Video From Paint: “After Ever After” Disney Parody Song

The following YouTube video has hit a Top 10 ranking on Reddit’s trending video list. It is from the “Paint” channel. This is a guy who makes parody music. This new Disney parody song is called “After Ever After.”

Paint’s new Disney parody, which you can see below in the video, seems to really be taking off. Of course, it helps that he somehow managed to get 280,000 subscribers on YouTube. To check out Paint’s other songs and videos, visit his official channel by clicking here.

YouTube Statistics and Ratings:

This “After Ever After” clip was uploaded on March 12, 2013. In only one day, it has 19,000 Likes and less than 100 Dislikes. The views appear to be way behind at this point. They show about 57,000. But with that many Likes, the actual number of views is much higher.

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