Watts, Pennsylvania Crash News: Stella Burgard (Duncannon) Killed In 3-Car Accident; 2 Other Victims Dead

Philly.com has reported on a 3-vehicle crash in the Watts, Pennsylvania area, that killed 3 women. The accident happened on Saturday, October 20, 2012.


Stella Burgard is one of three who died in this crash. She is the only one personally named by the Philly.com report. The names, ages, and hometowns of the other 2 victims had not yet been released. Burgard was 69 years old and lived in Duncannon, Pennsylvania.


Police believe that Burgard crossed over the center line of Route 11/15, colliding with the vehicle occupied by the other two fatally injured women. After that happened, a third vehicle following closely behind that other car also rammed into it because it couldn’t stop fast enough. The reason Stella Burgard crossed over to the wrong lane is not known.

The report did not mention whether the driver or any occupants of the 3rd vehicle sustained injuries.


Philly.com and AP Report On Traffic Death Of Stella Burgard In Watts Township, Pennsylvania

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