Violent Crime News For New Fairfield, Connecticut: Wife Svetlana Bell Shot And Killed By Husband Robert Bell

CBS Connecticut reports that Robert Bell shot and killed wife Svetlana Bell. This crime took place at 8 Hill Top Drive, in New Fairfield, Connecticut. It was on Saturday, December 8, 2012. Robert Bell is 63. Svetlana was 47.

Evidence And Motive:

Robert Bell called 911 by himself and then confessed to police that he shot Svetlana during an argument. This is a strong case by itself, but you generally need even more for a conviction. If ballistics evidence corroborates the confession, then it’s just about an air-tight case.

Criminal Charges:

Bell has been charged with the crime of first degree manslaughter with a firearm for the homicide. While it was not explained why he was not charged with murder, the reason appears to be that he did not specifically plan to kill the victim. It was an incident where tempers boiled over, and he obviously grossly overreacted to that. Conversely, a well-thought-out, planned and executed attack would get murder charges.


CBS Connecticut Report On Shooting Death Of Svetlana Bell At Hands Of Husband Robert Bell

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