The Ellen DeGeneres Show Video For January 30, 2013: Funny Skit About A Drive-Thru Prankster (Rahat)

The following video comes from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It originally aired on the Wednesday, January 30, 2013 episode. This funny skit features a drive-thru prankster – Rahat – who has gained some notoriety through a YouTube video. In that clip, he created a costume that looked like a car seat. So when he pulled up to the drive-thru window, it looked like the car was driving itself with no driver.

Ellen invited Rahat to the show. He hooked up with Ellen’s staff to pull some tricks on people around town.

In this segment, Rahad pulled his trick on a hotel valet. He then tricked some more people at drive-thru windows. They freaked out or wondered if they were trippin on something. Some guy said he already saw him on YouTube or Facebook.

Ellen then welcomed Rahat to the show, and he crawled out from inside the guest chair.

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