The Ellen DeGeneres Show Video For December 3, 2012: “Cash For Kindness: Will Strangers Stop To Help A Pregnant Woman?”

The following video comes from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It originally aired on the December 3, 2012 episode. This is a new segment called “Cash For Kindness.” This first edition is “Will Strangers Stop To Help A Pregnant Woman?” This is like a social experiment to see if people will really stop and help someone in need. If someone does stop and help, he or she may win a cash prize from Ellen. But they don’t know about the prize at all. As far as they are concerned, it is a real pregnant lady who needs help because she is having car trouble.

Ellen sends Amy out in one of those fake pregnancy bellies. Ellen says this is the same kind she wears when she needs a good parking spot reserved for expecting mothers.

Ellen tells Amy want to say in an earpiece. Actually, 3 guys showed up to help. A 4th guy just kind of stood there and watched. Ellen had Amy ask them to put the thing together (some wood and screws, but I’m not sure exactly what it was) instead of putting it back in the box. They aren’t too interested in doing that. The 4th guy finally starts to help, so Amy tells all 4 to follow her inside to get some cash from Ellen DeGeneres.

She takes them in, and Ellen gives them some cash for being kind. They got $500 each.

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