Teen Briatay McDuffie Shot And Killed By Police During Foot Chase: White Marsh, Maryland Crime Video

A cop identified as Officer Saladino shot and killed teen Briatay McDuffie, in White Marsh, Maryland. This area is in Baltimore County.

The shooting took place during a foot chase. McDuffie and two others ran away after a crash. The reason for the chase was the vehicle was suspected to be stolen. This was on Tuesday, at about 1 in the morning.

During the foot chase, Saladino and McDuffie had some sort of altercation, leading to Saladino shooting McDuffie, who was 19.

Dayvontae Malik Manning (18) and a juvenile were arrested and charged in relation to alleged vehicle theft.

Without more, we can’t say whether Saladino was justified in shooting McDuffie. Resisting arrest, by itself, would not generally justify a shooting. But a physical attack on the officer could possibly justify it.


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