Crash Video Files: Vancouver, Washington: Jesse E. Orellano-Leister And Benjamin Folk Killed In Car Accident; Ian Cole Charged With Homicide After Alleged Impaired Driving

Two men were killed in this one-vehicle crash. A 3rd passenger was injured. The driver has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. Police believe that factors in the crash included speed and being high on some kind of drug. In addition, witnesses reported erratic driving before the accident. Ian Cole eventually lost control and hit a utility pole. He is 20 and from Ridgefield, Washington.

Victims killed included Benjamin Folk and Jesse E. Orellano-Leister. Both lived in Vancouver, Washington. Folk was 25, and Orellano-Leister was 20.

The 3rd passenger, 19-year-old teen, Maxwell Borders, sustained minor injuries.

This accident was in Vancouver, Washington, in the 100 block of SE Columbia Way. It was on Sunday, November 17, 2013, at about 9 at night.

Criminal Charges?

Cole is charged with vehicular homicide and hit and run. It was not clear from reports why he is being accused of a hit and run. In this type of situation, that usually means that the driver ran away on foot. But we don’t know what happened in this case since it was not discussed in the report.



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Today Show Crime Video: Vancouver, B.C.: Bicycle Owner, Kayla Smith, Responds To Alleged Thief’s Craigslist Ad And Rides Away With Bike (August 28, 2013)

The following Today show crime news video is about Kayla Smith, who lives in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. This Canadian took matters into her own hands when someone stole her bike. The video for this story aired on the August 28, 2013 episode.

Smith locked her bicycle up at the Olympic Village. But a thief broke the lock and stole it, anyway.

Days later, a friend directed Kayla to a Craigslist ad for a bike that sounded like it might be hers. She arranged to meet the person running the ad at a McDonald’s restaurant. Once there, Kayle realized it was her bike and took it for test ride. But she rode right off on her bicycle and never returned.

Police do caution against this practice, as it can be dangerous if you mess with the wrong person. Also, there could be several thieves working together in the same group. And, someone who has already stolen a bike might be trying to rob you, as well.

Today Video – Vancouver, B.C., Canada – Kayla Smith Gets Her Stolen Bike Back By Setting Up Craigslist Sting

CNN Crime News Video: Vancouver, Washington: Jeffery Barton Arrested For Firing Shotgun; Claims He Was Following Joe Biden’s Advice

The following CNN crime news video comes out of Vancouver, Washington. It is about Jeffery Barton, who was arrested and charged with illegal discharge of a shotgun. Barton claims that he was following Vice President Joe Biden’s advice. This video was added to the CNN website on July 17, 2013. It was provided by KOIN.

Barton will not successfully be able to use the “Biden told me to do it” defense. He will have to rely on some other justification. In this case, the facts seem murky. Barton says people were breaking into his car. The police say there is no evidence of vehicle looters. But it seems Barton must have seen something since he did fire his weapon (apparently just a warning shot).

First of all, Biden is not the king and has nothing to do with Washington state law. So that is simply not a defense. Second, why would you take the advice of any politician when it comes to self-defense. By their nature, politicians make statements for selfish reasons. Who knows why Joe Biden talked about firing warning shots in the air if you have a problem. But he was probably talking about actual self-defense. And the problem for Jeffery is that seeing people looting your car, even if true, does not give rise to self-defense.

Barton interpreted Biden’s use of the word “problem” to mean any crime-related problem. But Biden wasn’t talking about just any problem, so it seems. He was talking about if your life is threatened. That wasn’t happening in this case. In any event, citing a president or vice president or your grandfather or the Pope’s advice is not a defense in criminal law, anyway.

CNN Video About Jeffery Barton Being Arrested For Supposedly Following Joe Biden’s Shotgun Self-Defense Advice

Vancouver, Washington Crime News: Thomas L. Miller Shot And Killed; Shooter Identified And Detained

A man has been shot and killed in Vancouver, Washington (Clark County). Police say they know who shot him. That person has been detained, but no charges had been filed by the time of the Oregon Live report. Witnesses were still being questioned to try to determine exactly what happened.


2700 block of Fruit Valley Road


Thursday, May 9, 2013


Thomas L. Miller was 45 years old. It wasn’t stated in the report whether Miller lived in Vancouver or elsewhere.


Although the name of the shooter was not identified, police say he lives at the residence on Fruit Valley Road, where the shooting took place. Also, it may be inappropriate at this time to say that the person is a suspect. In this case, the first thing that has to be asked is whether a crime was committed at all. Was it an accident, self-defense, reckless shooting, or intentional murder? We don’t know right now.


There is no information on a motive yet in the shooting and killing of Thomas L. Miller.

Criminal Charges:

As of the time of the article, no charges had been filed.


Oregon Live Report On Shooting Death Of Thomas L. Miller, In Vancouver, Washington

CNN News Video: Vancouver, BC, Canada: “InSite” Supervised Injection Center Lets Drug Addicts Shoot Up, Supposedly Safely

The following CNN news video is about a unique drug treatment facility in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. InSite is said to be the only place in North America where you can legally shoot up drugs. It is a “supervised injection center.” This video was added to the CNN website on April 11, 2013.

The stated purpose of InSite is to provide a safe way to take drugs. You won’t find any dirty needles there. And there are medics on site in case you overdose.

What are the objections to this InSite supervised injection center? First, it costs taxpayers $3 million per year. Second, many feel that it encourages this illegal activity/drug use.

About 800 drug addicts use this place per day. They bring in their own drugs but use the equipment provided by InSite (needles, etc.).

Washington County And Hillsboro, Oregon Crime And Crash News: Marcos Castillo Killed In 2-Vehicle Accident; Bryan Onderdonk Arrested

One man has been killed in a two-vehicle crash in Washington County, Oregon. The accident occurred near Hillsboro. The other driver has been arrested on multiple charges.


Near intersection of Southwest Farmington Road and Highway 219


Sunday, March 24, 2013, at about 9 in the morning


Marcos Castillo was 50 years old. He lived in Vancouver, Washington.


Bryan Onderdonk is 28 years old and lives in Tigard, Oregon.


Onderdonk’s BMW sedan slammed into the side of Castillo’s Saturn subcompact sedan. However, it was not clear from the report exactly how this happened.

Criminal Charges:

Onderdonk is charged with a hit and run because he allegedly ran away from the crime scene when confronted by authorities. He is also charged with burglary and related charges for allegedly breaking into a house while still running from law enforcement. The report did not mention any charges related to the actual crash, such as vehicular manslaughter.

Sources: Report On Traffic Death of Marcos Castillo And Arrest Of Bryan Onderdonk (Hit And Run And Burglary)