UK Dialing Codes

Making phone calls to and from UK requires the caller to use various international dialing codes. UK dialing codes include an exit code and country code. When you dial to UK, you must use the exit code of the country from which you are placing the call and the UK country code. Conversely, when dialing from UK, you must use the UK exit code and the country code of the country to which you are dialing.

Use the following UK phone codes when dialing to of from the country:

1. Look up the exit code of the country where you are calling if you want to dial to UK. Alternatively, you can use the “+” symbol if your phone happens to have that symbol. The website has a list of UK dialing codes and codes of all countries around the world.

2. Use the “00” exit code when calling from UK to another country (see international dialing instructions below).

3. Use the “44” country code when dialing UK. This connects you to the national phone system.

4. Look up the code for the country you are calling if dialing from UK. Just as there are distinct UK country codes, every country has different codes for making international phone calls.

5. Use “0” in front of the area code and phone number when making a domestic call from inside UK. This is the trunk code and is the part of the UK dialing codes that is not part of the international dialing instructions. Therefore, you must delete this trunk code when making an international phone call to UK.

International Dialing Instructions:

Always dial the exit code first and then the country code. For example, dial 011 and the UK country code when dialing UK from the US. But you would dial “00” and then the country code when calling from UK.

After dialing the exit code and country code in order, you then dial the area code and phone number that you would normally dial when making a domestic call in UK. However, don’t forget to exclude the UK trunk code.

Examples of Full International Calls with UK Phone Codes:

1. Call From US to UK — 011-44-123-456-4567
2. Call From UK to Another Country — 00-foreign country‚Äôs code-123-456-4567