Trending Video News: New York City – Isa Bako Accused Of Conning Way Into Algonquin Luxury Hotel

This is an alleged case of fraud in New York City. The suspect is Isa Bako. He allegedly conned some luxury hotels into letting him stay there. He allegedly stayed at The Algonquin, for example, and wined and dined for days.

Police say that Bako also managed to get himself an 8-day stay at the Courtyard Marriott.

Bako is accused of using stolen credit card info to gain access to the hotels.

A Dallas businessman says that he tracked down Bako because the suspect was using his stolen credit-card numbers.

Bake has been charged with identity theft.

The New York Post published this story. They don’t have video, but there is a picture of Isa Bako.

Trending Video News: Santa Monica, California – 14 Children From Day Car Center (Santa Monica High School Infant Toddler Center) Quarantined Over Measles Risk

As part of the measles outbreak and public health scare, 14 children have been quarantined in Santa Monica, California. They were all attending the same day care center.

A baby at the day care was confirmed to already have measles. That caused health officials to decide to quarantine the other kids to be on the safe side.

The day care is the Santa Monica High School Infant Toddler Center. It is closed, as of Monday, February 2, 2015.

The kids are babies, and they will be quarantined for 21 days. The older children were not forced to undergo quarantine.

NBC Los Angeles has a video report with more on this measles quarantine story.

Trending Video News: “Revenge Porn” Defendant, Kevin Boellart, Found Guilty Of Identity Theft And Extortion

Kevin Boellart was being prosecuted for identity theft and extortion in connection with a revenge-porn website that he ran. An example of revenge porn would be if a mad ex-boyfriend posted a sex tape of his former girlfriend without her permission.

Boellart is from San Diego, California. He is 28 and might get 20 years in prison.

Boellart allegedly extorted women who wanted their pictures removed by demanding money for their removal. Some were desperate enough to pay up to $350. has this crime story. They don’t have pictures or video coverage.

Trending Video News: Detroit, Michigan – James Robertson Walks 21 Miles Back and Forth To Work

James Robertson is the man featured in this Detroit, Michigan, story. For several years, he has been walking back and forth to work an astounding 21 miles.

Robertson’s car broke down 10 years ago, and he says he can’t afford to get another one even though he has a full-time factory job.

Someone started a GoFundMe campaign for Robertson that has gone viral. It had raised over $100,000 by the time of this post. That’s certainly enough to get a brand new car and buy a whole lot of gas.

Update: The campaign keeps exploding. It just hit $200,000 in only 2 days.

RYOT has posted the YouTube video on James’s story.

Trending Video News: Troup County, Georgia, Murder Suspect, Thomas Jesse Lee, Arrested In Tupelo, Mississippi

Thomas Jesse Lee, who is suspected of multiple murders in Georgia, was arrested at a bus station in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Five victims were killed in Lagrange, Georgia, on Saturday, January 31, 2015. Authorities had been looking for Lee since then.

He is 26. Names of the victims were not released yet. But Lee’s wife might be one of them.

The dog found with Lee allegedly belonged to the family that he is believed to have killed.

There was no known motive yet. It was not clear yet just how strong the evidence is yet against Lee.

NBC News Video

Trending Video News: Hudson County, New Jersey: Officer Yuri Ramirez Shoots at Shaheed Smith’s Car

A corrections officer, Yuri Ramirez, reports that he fired on a car when the driver tried to hit him with it. The driver was not shot.

Ramirez says that he saw a car that went out of control on Routes 1 & 9. When he went to help, that is when he says Shaheed Smith drove at him in the car. So he says he shot in self-defense.

Ramirez is Hudson County corrections officer.

Kearny police arrested Shaheed Smith and David Cader, who was a passenger in the car. It wasn’t clear what charges would be filed.

This incident was on Sunday, February 1, 2015. It was about 9:30 at night. (no video clip)

Trending Video News: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Former Police Clerk, Sharon Hammitt, Arrested For Alleged ATV Thefts; Husband, John, Also Arrested

A person who previously worked as a clerk for the Philadelphia police has been arrested for allegedly stealing 3 ATVs. Her husband was allegedly involved, as well. Both were taken into custody.

Sharon Hammitt is 45. Husband John is 44.

Hammitt allegedly abused her position in the Auto Pound Unit to take ATVs that had been confiscated by the police.

Hammitt resigned from her position with the Philly police in December of 2014. published this story. No video is posted.

Trending Video News: Hamilton, New Jersey: Teen Daesean Lynch Charged For Allegedly Stabbing Man Over $8

Daesean Lynch has been charged with aggravated assault and some weapons charges for allegedly stabbing a man. And the motive has something to do with a measly $8. There was apparently an argument over the money that got ugly. The alleged victim is 25 years old.

The man who was stabbed was lucky to avoid serious injury.

Dianna Ray, 41, of Hamilton and Jairre Muldrow, 24, who are both from Trenton, New Jersey, were arrested in connection with the stabbing. Their charges related to obstruction of justice and resisting arrest.

Local police are investigating. has this story. They don’t have a video report, but there are some mugshots.

Trending Video News: Sublette County, Wyoming – Sheriff Stephen Haskell Bans Cowboy Boots And Hats

The sheriff in Sublette County has banned cowboy boots and hats. He is Stephen Haskell. This story is being run by the Christian Science Monitor. They don’t have video coverage yet. But there are some photos.

Only deputies are banned from the cowboy garb, not regular residents.

Haskell is the new sheriff in town, and he’s apparently going to make sure his deputies know who is in charge.

As to why, Haskell says that it is for safety and for uniformity among deputies. He claims cowboy boots, for example, are not good for walking on ice. And he says that the cowboy garb just isn’t professional as a uniform.

Trending Video News: CBS Miami – Car Plows Into Store In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

CBS Miami has a video and article about a car slamming into a storefront in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. You can see the video here.

It was at SE 8th Avenue and Broward Boulevard. The driver left the scene. Police are still looking for him. There was no reported injury to anyone, and the building was under construction.

The vehicle was still at the scene, and the motorist took off on foot. It isn’t known why he lost control.