Trending Video News: Former Boy Scout Leader, Brian Joseph Burnham, Facing Child-Porn Charge

Brian Joseph Burnham, 36, has been charged with a count of receiving child pornography. This story is from the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, area.

Burnham is a former Boy Scout leader who was associated with the Occonneechee Council of the Boy Scouts of America. (no video, but suspect photo attached)

Trending Video News: Alexander Charles Preis Charged After Allegedly Possessing Child Porn

Alexander Charles Preis is charged with possession of pornographic work involving minors. He is or was a St. Olaf student. This story comes out of Rice County, Minnesota.

Authorities say they confiscated computers and found dozens of images that were possibly child porn. Some were then confirmed to be a known victim, at least based on what the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children told investigators.

Preis was charged in January of 2015.

Read to get more on this story (no video or photos posted).

Trending Video News: Dennis Jay Ouk Charged Over Child Porn – Rochester, Minnesota

Dennis Jay Ouk, 20, has been charged in a child-porn crackdown in Olmsted County, Minnesota (the Rochester area).

Ouk is out on a $5,000 conditional bond. He is facing 12 felonies, with 10 being for possession, and 2 for dissemination.

Post Bulletin (no video content or pictures available)

Trending Video News: Mark David McGinley Arrested Over Alleged Child Porn Dissemination

Mark David McGinley, 58, has been charged for crimes related to child porn in Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota. This was the first of February, in 2015.

McGinley is charged with eight felony counts of disseminating porn. He is still in jail on a $500,000 bond. (video content not posted)

Trending Video News: Lukky Chang Facing Charges In Minnosota For Child Porn

Lukky Chang, 20, has been nabbed as a child-porn suspect in Rochester, Minnesota. He has been charged in Olmsted County, with 10 counts of possessing and 2 counts of disseminating porn.

Chang was released on $10,000 conditional bail. There were 6 other men arrested around the same time (early February of 2015). (no photo or video added)

Trending Video News: Mark Steven Pine Facing Child-Porn Charges In Rochester, Minnesota

Mark Steven Pine is one of 7 people arrested and charged with child porn for alleged activities around Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota.

Pine has been charged with one count each of possession and dissemination of porn. He got $20,000 conditional bail, but was still in jail at the time of Post Bulletin’s report.

Trending Video News: Christopher Blake Dezutter Charged With Others For Alleged Child Porn

Christopher Blake Dezutter, 47, has been charged with child porn in Olmsted County, Minnesota, in the Rochester area. He was arrested in February 2015.

Dezutter is one of 7 defendants.

Dezutter is out of jail for now and must come back later to answer to 10 counts of porn possession and one for allegedly disseminating it. (video not included)

Trending Video News: Evan Phillip Erickson Facing Child-Porn Charges

Evan Phillip Erickson, 29, is one of several suspects arrested in an alleged child porn ring in the vicinity of Rochester, Minnesota. He was arrested in early February of 2015.

Erickson is facing 10 counts of possession and one count of disseminating porn. (no video coverage)

Trending Video News: Damian Shawn-Thomas Oelker Arrested On Charges Of Child Porn

Damian Shawn-Thomas Oelker is one of 7 men arrested for allegedly sharing in child-porn material in the area of Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota. He is 36 and from Rochester.

Charges include possessing and disseminating child porn.

Oelker’s first court appearance was on Monday, February 9, 2015.

Source: (video not added)

Trending Video News: Benjamin Reifsnyder Arrested For Alleged Possession Of Child Porn

Tempe, Arizona
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Benjamin Reifsnyder has been arrested in Tempe, Arizona. He allegedly had a whopping 25,000 pictures related to child porn on his computer. He is facing 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. (no video; photo of suspect added)